A question often posed within the digital marketing world is, which is better for my business: SEO or PPC? This isn’t a question that can be answered without context as the current situation, objectives and marketplace of your website are of vital importance.

Gaining an understanding of your customers and what they are looking for will ultimately determine whether your digital marketing strategy takes the form of organic search, paid search or a combination of both. Outlining the most beneficial digital marketing strategy is crucial in taking your E-Commerce or brochure website to the next step.

Does my business need SEO?

First, it must be understood that digital marketing needs to begin with a strong organic foundation, and the implementation of good SEO practice is essential to improving the usability, relevancy, and authority of your E-commerce or brochure website.

A study published by Conductor in 2014 suggested that organic search is responsible for about 64% of all website traffic whereas paid search was responsible for just 6%. In essence, if done to the standard of Paramount Digital, the incorporation of SEO into your marketing strategy will result in increased traffic and a higher number of conversions. In turn, a more successful business!

The SEO strategy you employ will largely centre around the platform your website is hosted upon. For example, E-commerce websites such as Magento and Shopify focus on issues with duplicate content, therefore, attention is focused on content marketing. on the other hand, with brochure websites such as Squarespace and WordPress the URL structure and site speed are at the forefront of SEO strategy.

What will SEO do for my website?

The primary purpose of incorporating good SEO into your website is the increased visibility among search engines, for your targeted keywords, it provides. Now search engines like Google can see your website, it will receive more traffic, therefore, raising driving the reputation of your online business.

As your brand becomes associated with certain key terms by these search engines, the credibility, and authority of your website will be influenced. Your brand can become trusted by search engines and if your website provides relevant content for searchers, improved rankings are inevitable.

Gaining awareness from search engines is not a quick and easy process which is why Paramount Digital SEO experts are able to produce the results they can.

Once establishing a strong organic foundation, your competitors can not buy higher rankings but only surpass you with better SEO practice.

What about PPC?

At Paramount Digital, in most circumstances, we would only recommend taking on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) after establishing a strong SEO strategy. The strongest digital marketing campaigns integrate both SEO and PPC into their strategy.

Although the organic search is responsible for 64% of all site traffic, paid traffic is more likely to produce more relevant visitors more likely to convert into sales.

Does my business need PPC?

Online Presence

Small businesses new to the online marketing world can benefit hugely from the use of PPC. The use of PPC allows relatively unestablished websites to appear at the top of the popular search engine such as Google, giving small businesses the exposure they need in a competitive market.

Measuring Performance

one of the major benefits of incorporating PPC into your online business alongside organic SEO is that it allows you to track and measure your online performance from varying angles. as a business owner, you can monitor the number of views, visits, and clicks, as well as costs incurred and profits.



In truth, SEO and PPC work best when incorporated together in most cases and here are some reasons why. Dominating both the PPC and SEO listings is sure to gain your website more exposure and in turn more visits and conversions.

Keyword Data

simultaneously running both SEO and PPC campaigns brings in twice the amount of data available to analyse. This data allows your Digital Marketing team to identify keywords that generate conversions and your overall strategy can be adjusted accordingly.

Social media presence

social media platforms are increasingly becoming an essential market to crack if looking to be a successful website. Platforms such as Facebook and youtube can target incredibly specific audiences, although these audiences may be small, they have a much higher chance of becoming a conversion. The data uncovered from your corresponding SEO and PPC campaigns may uncover unknown details regarding your demographic, giving you that much-needed edge over your competitors.

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