Technical SEO- 5 things you need to know


Technical SEO is what we recommend at Paramount Digital to tackle first when dealing with SEO on your E-Commerce or Brochure website. Although it is slightly technical and can be difficult to fix, you need to know about these 5 components of SEO. If you think your websites SEO may be suffering as a result of poor technical SEO then book a free consultation  and call us on 01744 88 1876 or email at

Site Speed

The time it takes for your website to load up is increasingly becoming an integral part to getting up Google’s rankings and gaining visitors on your website. nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds, and they tend to abandon a site that hasn’t loaded within three seconds. So if your E-Commerce website is taking longer than this to load- the likelihood is you’re losing around half of your bottom line!


Recently Google made mobile phones their primary searched device over desktop meaning it is more important than ever to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. if your website isn’t optimised for a mobile phone and mobile phone users try to access it- the functionality will be poor and like a slow site speed, users are likely to go elsewhere!


The amount of domains on the server your website finds itself on can have a detrimental effect on site speed- which as we know can lead to customers leaving your website to never return. if your domain shares a server with low-quality websites, this is also recognised by Google and will have a damaging effect on your webpages rankings.


It’s important to ensure that all your pages are indexed so that they can be recognised by Google. if pages aren’t indexed then they won’t have been recognised and can’t help boost your rankings! However, if old pages are indexed and left, they will lead to a ‘404 error page’ and the more of these seen by Google, the lower your ranking will be. This is a common issue for websites held on the CMS platform Drupal.

internal links

Having a strong internal link network is of paramount importance and can be the difference when attempting to outrank your competitors. An extensive link network within your website will increase its authority and therefore credibility in the eyes of Google- Blog posts are a great way to regularly incorporate links into your website!


Read our guide to creating an SEO content strategy to see how technical SEO fits into your wider SEO and content marketing.


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