How much does an SEO strategy cost?


The age old question.

We all know the importance of SEO for your company’s online presence and marketing approach.

But how much do you need to invest to get the best SEO performance?

The truth is, you could always expand your SEO campaign that little more, squeezing every last bit of potential out of your website’s ability to attract new customers from afar.

But is it really worth it?

In this blog we’ll run you through the factors that can impact the cost of an SEO strategy.


How much are you willing to invest in an SEO strategy?

There’s a myth that “doing SEO” is expensive.

That’s not really true.

You don’t have to break the bank to see positive results.

There’s some basic technical SEO and on site SEO that you can do, without spending a lot of money.

But like any part of your marketing, the more you invest in an SEO strategy, the more you’ll get out of it.

Sometimes, a small budget isn’t going to get you great results.

Especially if you have a large Ecommerce website that needs a lot of on-page and off-page work.

Or if you work in a particularly tough industry where competition for high conversion keywords is fierce.

More time and effort is needed to give this kind of website regular maintenance. So it’s going to cost more.

But remember.

Site-wide optimisation could see impressive levels of revenue, generated from products that previously were not performing as well.


How long will you stay committed to the campaign?

SEO is not a “quick win” business strategy.

That’s another myth people have believed for too long.

If you want to see results you have to be patient.

Yes, the actual work can happen quickly.

But it takes time for Google to crawl your website, index your new pages, and change your rankings accordingly.

Ask yourself if you’re committed to seeing out an SEO strategy.

The results are worth it.

To give you an idea of what you could be spending, our minimum engagement starts at £500 a month.

You can get a per project quote from an SEO agency, so it’s worth checking how they work.

One thing to consider, is that the longer you commit to doing SEO properly the better and more consistent results you can expect to.

There’s nothing we like to see more than a graph with an upwards trajectory.

As a top SEO agency, we’ve had success with clients in all kinds on industries including OD’s Designer Clothing, Vinyline and Harley Street Smile Clinic.

Once you see results, you will never want to go back to a life without an SEO strategy!

Sometimes, be careful what you wish for

So this is the bit you wouldn’t expect an SEO agency to say.

You need to be aware of just how successful SEO can be for your business.

There’s a reason we don’t see many local businesses shell out thousands per month on their SEO strategy from day one.

It’s because they aren’t ready to suddenly scale their company if they find themselves facing extra demand.

So it might be worth starting small and scaling.

As long as you are seeing encouraging numbers, you should be comfortable with the amount you are spending on your SEO strategy.

Then you can increase your budget once you’re fully on board with the work that is being done to optimise your website.

We recommend taking these aspects into consideration during your initial enquiries with your digital marketing company.

Our SEO agency provides you with a FREE assessment so you can have a competitive, fair price in mind from the outset.

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