Is SEO really worth it for your B2B website?


If you’re a B2B website, you’re not likely to complete a transaction directly through your website are you?

B2B websites typically are big purchases, and need to be more carefully considered.

It’s not like buying a £5 t-shirt that you can return or just not wear again if you don’t like it.

It’s thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds on new business software or services that can have far reaching, long term effects on your company.

So, is SEO really worth it for your B2B website?

Yes. Here’s why.


Get found early in the buying journey

Because B2B purchases are more considered there’s way more research that goes into a purchase. And a lot of questions that need answering.

Today, by the time someone calls your sales team, they’ve already done the majority of their research.

In fact, according to research, 70% of B2B buyers do at least some of their research online.

Which means, to attract leads you have to get found online when they’re doing research.

And for this, you need to take SEO seriously.


Answer questions your customers asking

When people do research online, they no longer look for specific keywords.

For example, if you’re looking for accounting software for a small business, you wouldn’t just search for accounting software.

Buyers today are more likely to use question based or long-tail keyword phrases.

Like “best accounting software for small business”, “how much does accounting software for small businesses cost?”, “do I need accounting software for my small business?”.

By creating SEO content using these questions as headlines for your content you can get found above the competition when customers search for answers.

Plus, by being consistent and providing answers you’ll become a go-to source of useful information for prospects.

They’ll keep coming back to you because they know they can rely on you.

Then, when it comes time to buy, who do you think they’ll turn to?


Better use of your marketing budget

Many B2B businesses haven’t yet got behind the idea of inbound marketing.

Using SEO, websites and content to get in front of a bigger audience by becoming a source of information.

Many still rely on older forms of marketing like cold calls, or direct mail.

Not that there isn’t a place for this type of marketing.

But over the long-term, ‘inbound’ marketing is shown to provide better ROI.

By turning your website into a source of valuable information, you essentially turn it into a 24/7 sales person, which is always available to answer any question your customers might have and turn them into leads.


Making best use of SEO for B2B marketing

Using SEO for B2B marketing has almost become non-negotiable now as more buyers turn to online to do research on the best services or products for their business.

If you think about the last time you bought a new service for your business, when was the last time you started by calling a sales person?

Today, your website is your best salesperson.

It’s always on. It’s never going to ask for a holiday. And if you continually update it with answers and useful information, it can do 99% of the leg work for you before passing better leads over to your sales team.

But your B2B website will only succeed if you start with a solid SEO base.

Get a free technical SEO audit of your website today and one of our expert SEO consultants will take you through the main issues on your website and provide a roadmap to improve your results.

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