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PPC is a quick, and fully accountable channel for climbing to the very top of the search rankings, with unrivalled measurability. But PPC is continuously changing, that’s why it’s a good idea to work with a Paid Search agency, who not only have AdWords qualifications that number the Andes Mountain range, but that are masters at researching, trialling new ideas, and tweaking your campaigns to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

What is Paid search?

Paid Search is the process of advertising on search engines and their display networks. As an advertiser, you create a campaign, choosing your budget and targeting the specific key terms that your ideal customers are searching for. You then only pay when your ad is clicked by a potential customer.

Why you need Paid Search?

Though SEO will help you appear in search engine results organically, it can often take time for those results to be seen and there is no definitive way to know your pages will show up for the key terms you want to target. Whereas PPC can have you ranking at the top of search results within seconds of launching your campaign and be targeted at the specific terms your potential customers are looking for, meaning a higher click-through to your website and ensuring you receive a strong ROI. 

Our Approach to Paid Search

At Paramount Digital we begin by conducting an audit of any current PPC campaigns you may already be running to identify what works and how we can improve their current conversion rate. Then as with organic search, we’ll develop a buyer persona for your ideal customer, helping both us and yourself to identify how they behave online. From here we will identify the key terms your ads should be targeting both in terms of your buyer persona, their search volume, and their bid price and then going forward build, analyse and optimise your PPC campaigns. 

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