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What are Instagram ads?

Instagram has over one billion active users, making it a great place to get yourself out there and grow your business.

Using on-brand visuals and targeted copywriting, you can promote your products or services in a way that maintains your company image.

Instagram ads can appear in multiple ways, such as Instagram posts, stories, or both, and contain a link sending users to your chosen landing page or website.

Benefits of using Instagram Ads

The reason why Instagram marketing works so well is that the ads appear in users’ feeds just like organic content displayed by their friends, family, and favourite influencers – fitting seamlessly into their scroll time.

With Instagram advertising, we can run a variety of formats such as static images, videos, carousels, product catalogues, reels, and Instagram Shop. We can also control how these ads are displayed by the viewer to stay in line with a brand’s image.

But it’s not just your Instagram followers you can target.

Like other social media advertising, you can target your Instagram ads to certain demographics within your target audience, including gender, age, and location (to name a few). Advanced targeting also allows you to target specific interests, giving you the chance to retarget previous behaviours.

How an Instagram Ads agency can help your business

With vast experience in social media management, once we have set an ad live, we monitor its performance and make any necessary optimisations.

Due to the diversity of our clients, we like to perform tests on each account, as a tweak made in one account may not produce the same result in another. Examples of optimisations include experimenting with different audience types, formats, ad sizes, and objectives.

By capturing the audience on one of the fastest-growing platforms via Meta Business Manager, you can promote brand products and visibility to your target markets.

Enlisting the help of a leading Instagram marketing agency like us means you can take your social media marketing strategy to the next level, boosting exposure and increasing conversions.

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Paramount Digital’s Approach to Instagram Ads

Here at Paramount Digital, we follow a ‘social funnel’ way of working to get the most out of our social campaigns. 

Starting with the EXPLORE objective, we focus on brand awareness to get the company in front of as many users as possible. 

The next stage is CONSIDER, where we build out traffic campaigns with the aim of driving users to the site. Utilising the data collected in the ‘explore’ stage, we retarget people who showed interest, as well as completely new users – this is when intent starts to increase as the user becomes more familiar with your brand.

Now it’s time to CONVERT, where we utilise all of our previous findings and the data-driven audiences to show more targeted Instagram ads to the people with high intent of purchasing.

This unique way of working sets us apart from other Instagram marketing agencies, helping us to go above and beyond and achieve business goals for all of our clients.

Initial engagement is monitored in the early ‘explore’ and ‘consider’ stages. We look into the link clicks generated from the ads, which can then be broken down to find our relevant users.

When building the ad account, we also install a pixel that connects the website to the ads. This pixel tracks actions taken on the website, which helps us to learn more about the customers and the people engaging with the Instagram ads.

See our reviews

All of the team at Paramount have been extremely helpful and provide an excellent service. They are experts at what they do, each member being highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise. They have been highly responsive and a great help to our business.

Abigail Naylor

Abigail Naylor Rating

Paramount Digital offer exceptional service. Having worked with countless of digital agencies over the years, I can honestly say that Paramount is a significant cut above the rest.

Carolin Hapka

Carolin Hapka Rating

We have had a long working relationship with Paramount Digital spanning across a variety of our group websites. Paramount have provided a first class service to us – delivering proved SEO strategies. A very knowlegeable team of experts. We would highly recommend.

Wonkee Donkee

Wonkee Donkee Rating

Since Paramount have taken over our google marketing and social media we have had a huge influx of business. Dave and his professional team are extremely helpful and responsive- I would highly recommend Paramount for all your website and online business promotion needs!

Katie Ellison

Katie Ellison Rating

Been working with these guys for many years now and there service and the results they have given us have been brilliant. We have two websites which they run the SEO for and traffic increases month on month, year on year for both. Also whenever we have needed advice i feel we have always been pointed in the right direction.

Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis Rating
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Benefits of Instagram Ads

High engagement rate

Being a predominantly visual platform, the engagement rate is extremely high when compared to other forms of social media.

Build brand awareness

Instagram advertising can help drive traffic to your website, landing page, or social profile, which contributes to overall conversions.

Sell your products directly from Instagram

Instagram Shop allows you to sell on-platform, meaning users can make a purchase without having to leave Instagram.

Choose Paramount Digital as your Instagram ads agency

Need an Instagram advertising agency that can create valuable results and conversions?

Paramount Digital is here to help. 

We’re an Instagram ads agency with the tools and knowledge to make your business a successful one!

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Frequently asked questions

Who creates the content for Instagram ads?

To make sure the brand image is captured organically, we usually ask the client for content.

If you’ve never done this before, we can point you in the right direction and offer our industry tips to create the best images and videos possible.

As a digital marketing agency, we have in-house graphic designers who are also on hand to add branding to pictures and edit reels, ensuring all ads follow consistent imaging and themes.

Can you target Instagram ads to a specific audience?

One of the main reasons why so many of our clients love Instagram ads is the precise targeting ability for all ad campaigns.

Key demographics like age, gender, and location can be whittled down even more to make sure each ad targets a specific set of interests and buying histories.

You can also use advanced targeting to retarget an audience of existing customers and create what we call a lookalike audience, allowing us to reach new audiences, similar to those that we have previously created.

How do Instagram ads differ from other social platforms?

Unlike Google ads, for example, the way Instagram ads are displayed plays a huge factor in their success.

Being able to build a brand image through images and videos holds an advantage over other platforms.

Social media platforms are mainly accessed through mobile devices, therefore, the user interface (UI) of Instagram makes the overall experience seamless and the most engaging.

Our Social Media Marketing team

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Matthew Gaskin

Head of Paid Social

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Paid Media Executive

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Paid Media Executive

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Dane Mellows

Paid Media Executive

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