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What are Bing Ads?

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, is a powerful and underrated advertising platform for many businesses.

While Google Ads is the market leader, you should not overlook Microsoft Advertising, which is second place in terms of market share. As an expert Bing Ads agency, we know how important it is to target Microsoft advertising to give your business the best chance possible of becoming a success.

Google currently owns 84% of the global search market, with Microsoft coming in second with 9%. However, the platform boasts a phenomenal 14.7 billion PC monthly searches and 653 million unique PC users.

Why use Microsoft Bing Ads?

As a business, it’s important to utilise Google Ads to give yourself the best chance possible of reaching a wider audience. However, it’s also key to run Bing Ads campaigns.

Why? Well, for starters it gives you another advertising platform. When using Bing Ads, you’ll appear across multiple websites, including Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Bing. Microsoft and Yahoo also have smaller partner websites where your ads could be visible.

You can also decide where to place your ads, such as Outlook instead of Gmail. This is perfect if you know your target customers are more likely to use Outlook.

Another key advantage to using Bing Ads is that there is less competition compared to Google Ads. While Google’s reach is much wider and potentially more advantageous, this brings a lot more competition.

Any Microsoft machine purchased comes with the Bing search engine. They’re also fitted with the virtual assistant, Cortana, which uses Bing when looking up answers online. This means that you’re likely to get easy traffic from a huge number of computers all over the world, proving the worth of Bing Ads campaigns.
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Paramount Digital’s approach as a Bing Ads Agency

At Paramount Digital, we have an experienced PPC team that has a key focus on Microsoft advertising. We work on a variety of business types and we’re always tweaking and improving our approach to be the Microsoft Bing Ads agency you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ve armed ourselves with the very best software to make sure we’re not just dropping your ads into the abyss. We perform deep-dive into keyword research, real-time tracking, and next-level optimisation to get you the clicks, conversions, and return on investment (ROI) you deserve from the Microsoft Bing search engine.

First, we find the perfect keywords and figure out who your target customers should be. Then, we work our magic with your budget so every penny is spent wisely. We’re all about keeping you in the loop with regular catch-ups and transparent reporting so you know exactly what we’re up to.   

So, what’s the endgame? To tweak and tailor your Microsoft Bing Ads so they’re hitting all your goals, whether you’re looking to boost sales, gain leads, or just get your brand out there in a big way. 

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All of the team at Paramount have been extremely helpful and provide an excellent service. They are experts at what they do, each member being highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise. They have been highly responsive and a great help to our business.

Abigail Naylor

Abigail Naylor Rating

Paramount Digital offer exceptional service. Having worked with countless of digital agencies over the years, I can honestly say that Paramount is a significant cut above the rest.

Carolin Hapka

Carolin Hapka Rating

We have had a long working relationship with Paramount Digital spanning across a variety of our group websites. Paramount have provided a first class service to us – delivering proved SEO strategies. A very knowlegeable team of experts. We would highly recommend.

Wonkee Donkee

Wonkee Donkee Rating

Since Paramount have taken over our google marketing and social media we have had a huge influx of business. Dave and his professional team are extremely helpful and responsive- I would highly recommend Paramount for all your website and online business promotion needs!

Katie Ellison

Katie Ellison Rating

Been working with these guys for many years now and there service and the results they have given us have been brilliant. We have two websites which they run the SEO for and traffic increases month on month, year on year for both. Also whenever we have needed advice i feel we have always been pointed in the right direction.

Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis Rating
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The benefits of Bing Ads

Less competition

While Google offers you the chance to reach more people online, there is a lot more competition compared to Microsoft Bing Ads.

The search engines associated with Microsoft Advertising have a smaller audience segment than Google. This means the lower search volumes mean less competition so you have a better chance of ideal placements and fewer advertisers increasing the cost of your ads.

Clicks also have the potential to be cheaper, while the prime spots can be easier to grab. This means you get a lot more for your money.

Expert targeting

As an experienced Bing Ads agency, we know that Microsoft Advertising lets you assign ads to run at a specific time in your ad viewer’s time zone, no matter their location.

Bing Ads also allow you to target users based on their specific device. Google only allows you to do this with Display and Video campaigns.

LinkedIn profile targeting

Bing Ads lets you target highly relevant audiences by using LinkedIn profile information.

As a game-changer for B2B services, you can target an audience and apply bid modifiers based on the information pulled from LinkedIn. Bings Ads is the only platform to offer this as an option.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose Paramount Digital to run your Bing Ads campaigns?

At Paramount Digital, we can boast the very best of the best when it comes to skilled paid advertisers. Our experienced team have run Bing Ads for many companies and seen huge success.

With years of experience and a diverse roster of talented individuals, we know what it takes to achieve the results you’re seeking and can work with a wide variety of budgets too.

We believe you’ll struggle to find a Bing Ads agency like us. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today.

How quickly can you see results from a Bing Ads campaign?

Will you believe us if we say within a couple of days?

Bing Ads can start driving traffic within a few days of going live, so you’re likely to see an improvement in website visits quite quickly. While an increase in clicks is nice, they’re not why you’re here.

You want leads, sales, or whatever ‘conversion’ looks like for you.

For simpler campaigns that target high-intent keywords, you could see conversions within the first week. However, for much more complex campaigns, such as building brand awareness or nurturing leads through a sales funnel, it can take longer. This could be a few weeks to a couple of months.

How do you measure a successful Bing Ad?

You can find out how effective your Bing ad will be with the Microsoft Advertising quality score (between 1 and 10). This shows you how competitive your ads are by measuring how relevant your ads, landing pages and keywords are to search queries.

Use your quality score to determine where to focus your optimisation efforts and improve your ROI.

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