4 Social media platforms that are making the most of visual content and breaking news!

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Social media is ingrained into our everyday lives and over the last several years it’s become the main source of breaking news, and even with the disruptive power of ‘fake news’ that we’ve seen over the last year, specifically during the US presidential election, social media is still the place that 62% of the adults go for their news. And of the most compelling content types on social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat is visual content, and here are four social platforms that are leading the way in merging the force of visual content with breaking news.

4 Social Channels that are making the most of visual content and breaking news!


Snapchat is the preferred social media channel for the millennial generation allowing them to easily keep in touch with friends and brands through visual media. The discover page allows them to always be kept in the loop on new and interesting Snapchat stories. With Snapchat, you have the opportunity to communicate with your audience through photos and direct messages, however, there are now regular updates that provide users with breaking news stories – so your audience will always be in the know, and you can make the most of this by engaging your audience with Snapchat stories that tie into the latest breaking news.


YouTube has been around for what feels like the lifespan of social media, and over time has continued to evolve just as its users have. One of the latest features over the last couple years has been the introduction of live video, just as Facebook rolled out last year. YouTube features high-quality videos which encourage your target audience to engage and subscribe to channels, but with the introduction of live streaming, YouTube has become the perfect source for visual breaking news stories, generated not only from big media but by users for users. Here your company can make perfect use of the Google display network, getting your advertisements in front of your audience as they watch the latest news.


According to InfographicList, 18% of us cannot go a few hours without checking on Facebook, and this is only likely to rise as Facebook continues to be ingrained into our daily social interactions. And though Facebook came under a lot of stick regarding ‘fake news’ it has a number of visual content tools which help it engage users and keep them up to date with the latest breaking news, from a 5-day weather forecast, to live streaming and algorithm updates which ensure users see the latest most relevant news to them. Many would argue that Facebook is a hard game to crack for businesses, with ‘2016’ being crowned the death of organic social, but through the sheer number of active Facebook users and the extremely precise targeting of the Facebooks advertising platform, you can ensure that your business, be it a local high street store, a manufacturing firm or an online e-commerce retailer you can reach the news feeds of your ideal customer.


We all know that Instagram is the place for posting what you ate for lunch yesterday and the window view from your aeroplane seat, however, the Facebook-owned platform has been continuously upgrading to ensure it can keep up with the likes of its competitors –  take the “story” feature for example. This lets users take advantage of the Snapchat-like feature in the same app and keep up to date with the latest news from the companies and people they follow!

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So, there you have it four social media platforms that are making the most of visual content to engage users with the latest breaking news, and some tips on just how your business can capitalise on this latest social trend.

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