Writing Shopify product descriptions for SEO

Getting Shopify product descriptions right can be the difference between making sales and losing customers. While you may believe that most online shoppers don’t care for the description and scroll right past it, offering a descriptive explanation of the product you’re trying to sell can actually make a huge difference.

How To Write Shopify Product Descriptions

So, how do you write product descriptions for Shopify products to rank highly on search engines?

Choosing to give the proper time and effort to the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your Shopify website can reap huge rewards, and adding valuable product descriptions with the use of relevant keywords is key to any success you want to achieve.

Why write product descriptions?

Product descriptions play a major role in the user’s shopping experience. It provides the exact information they need to determine whether the product they’re looking at is the one they’re searching for and if it’s something they would be interested in purchasing.

While a set of striking product images can often be enough to sway some buyers, a product description helps to form a link between the customer’s decision-making and the product itself.

Whether you choose to write large product descriptions or smaller snippets, they still add value. Take a pair of trousers, for example. The pictures look appealing and the website design is easy on the eye and simple to follow. However, the trousers have no description. What material are they? What sizes are available? Are they slim fit?

All of these points, and more, can be answered in detail by writing product descriptions. It can be the difference between a consumer purchasing from your online store or moving to another website with more in-depth descriptions.

How do you write an SEO-friendly product description for Shopify?

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There are several things to factor into your process when writing product descriptions. These include:

  • Writing captivating copy that draws the consumer in, but makes it easy to read and straight to the point.
  • Including all important information, such as materials, dimensions and more.
  • Researching competition to discover what they’re writing and how they describe similar products.
  • Offering answers, benefits and features. Consider a frequently asked questions section for each product.
  • Researching relevant keywords to rank on search engines.

Write compelling product descriptions

If a consumer has travelled to your website, you’ve already attracted their interest. You now must draw them in further with appealing product images and captivating product descriptions.
Whatever you sell, you have to show off the product with descriptive text. It doesn’t need to be over the top or fill a page either. Make it quick, snappy and interesting – if you bore a consumer with your product description, you’ll lose the sale.

Include all important information

A product description has to tell the consumer exactly what the product is and does. This includes measurements, materials, usage instructions and more.

If you want to make a success of your online store, write your product descriptions for your desired target audience.

Research your competition

If you know of competitors, scour the search engines to check out their websites and review how they write product descriptions.

Offer answers, benefits and features with FAQs

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The key to a good product description is offering the benefits and features of the item. Of course, all relevant information like measurements is essential, but you must also provide the advantages of your product.

If you sell jackets and coats, for example, tell the reader if they’re waterproof or not. Are they wipe clean? Does it hold body heat well? All these, and more, are key to offering your potential customers who may work outdoors and are looking for a durable jacket to see them through poor weather conditions.

Without an adequate description, how will they ever know what the jacket offers?

Research relevant keywords

Finally, you must do your research and find relevant keywords to produce SEO-friendly product descriptions.

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With the help of a digital marketing agency like us at Paramount Digital, you can assess the competition and search engines, and run an SEO campaign with thorough keyword research. This helps to target the exact online audience you need with healthy SEO product descriptions, helping to convert impressions into orders.

Find out how to choose the right SEO agency for your business.

If you conduct your keyword research by yourself, you must know to avoid keyword stuffing as this can mark you down on search results.

Key things to consider when writing Shopify product descriptions

There are more considerations when writing Shopify product descriptions, including things to avoid, like duplicating descriptions, and factors you have to include, such as internal links.

Avoid duplicate content

Your content will be marked down by Google and other search engines if you duplicate your product descriptions across your online store. It can be challenging differentiating descriptions when you have several similar products, but try your best to make each one unique.

A well-written product description that’s unique from others on your online store will have a higher chance of ranking well as well as providing valuable insight to customers.

No AI content

It can be tempting to quickly ask Chat GPT and other AI writing services to whip up an SEO product description, but Google will punish you for it.

Just as important as avoiding duplicate content, stay away from AI product descriptions and create your own content.

If you’re not savvy with a keyboard, you can always work with a professional to create compelling SEO-optimised product descriptions for your online store.

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Include internal links

Including internal links to other product pages and category pages can improve your ranking on search engines.

Don’t litter your content with links, but adding a handful of relevant internal links can make a great difference to your website.

Don’t forget the meta description

The meta description and title are incredibly important when writing product pages.

Using your keyword research, you can find the right terms to include in your meta description, giving you a greater chance of ranking higher on a search engine.

All you need to be aware of is making them between 156 and 160 characters so search engines like Google don’t cut off any important information. Other than that, use your creative licence to develop descriptions that display your brand tone of voice.

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How many words should a product description be for SEO?

Word lengths for a Shopify product description vary depending on the product or website.

However, Shopify recommends you stay around 300 words per description. Consider reviewing competitors to see what they do.

Add a couple of FAQs

Finally, consider adding a couple of frequently asked questions to the bottom of your product pages.

These can add value to your store and product descriptions, offering benefits and features that give your customers even more vital information to push them towards making a purchase.

Writing perfect product descriptions for Shopify

Hopefully, after reading this blog you’ll be writing excellent SEO product descriptions in no time. If take everything on board and implement it into your online store, you can turn potential customers into sales regularly.

If you need any help writing SEO product descriptions for your target audience, don’t hesitate to contact Paramount Digital. As Shopify SEO experts, we can perform a technical audit on your online store and implement an SEO campaign to rank higher on search engines.


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