Paramount Digital’s Essential E-Commerce SEO Tips

Want to improve your e-commerce SEO? Take a look at these top tips from the Paramount Digital SEO experts.

8 Tips For Improving Your Seo In E-Commerce

Worldwide revenue for e-commerce has doubled since 2017 and is expected to climb again in 2024, according to Statista. After the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce sales have taken over the market and it is now the place to be if you’re running a business.

Running a successful e-commerce site requires a lot of work to rank highly on search engines. Fortunately, at Paramount Digital, we know the best SEO practices for e-commerce. We’ve compiled a list of useful tips to enhance your e-commerce SEO strategy so your online store can sit high up on search engine results pages.

Is SEO good for e-commerce?

The simple answer to this question is yes! A resounding one, too. A clearly outlined e-commerce SEO strategy allows you to rank higher on search engines. As a result, this brings more traffic organically, leading to a likely increase in sales.

Without good search engine optimisation, your e-commerce site will struggle to attract any organic traffic, which will directly impact revenue.

E-Commerce Seo

Conducting keyword research by using free SEO tools like Google Search Console can greatly increase your SEO rankings. Giving your time and attention to meta descriptions, internal links, site structure and avoiding duplicate content are all part of having excellent e-commerce SEO.

Take a look at our e-commerce SEO tips below to ensure your site can rank well on search engines.

E-commerce tips to rank on search engines

So, now you know how important SEO can be for your e-commerce website, it’s time to get to work. Here’s our list of the best tips for on-page SEO for online stores:

  • Find the relevant keywords
  • Optimise titles and meta descriptions
  • Add structured data to product pages
  • Improve your website speed and optimise for mobile users
  • Include FAQs for product and category pages
  • Write unique content on category and product pages
  • Use high-quality imagery
  • Avoid broken links

Find the relevant keywords

Importance Of Keyword Research

Whatever your website sells, you must conduct keyword research, including looking at keyword search volume and long-tail keywords. This allows you to target specific terms within your content which can attract potential customers organically on search engines.

Once you have a target keyword for a product or category page, you can build your content around it.

Make it easy for customers to find your website with the right keywords.

Optimise titles and meta descriptions

Meta Title And Description

Using relevant keywords, create unique meta title tags and descriptions so your website can be read easily by Google and other search engines.

A meta description with a maximum of between 155 and 160 characters must have enough information to tell a consumer exactly what to expect on the page.

The same applies to the meta title. A maximum of 60 characters with the exact contents of the page its advertising makes it clear to somebody scrolling what’s behind the click. A clear and concise meta title is rewarded by Google, too, helping to create more traffic organically.

Add structured data to product pages

Product Pages

Provide as much information as possible on product pages with structured data.

Be sure to display star ratings, reviews, the price and availability of the product. This will improve your click-through rate and provide customers with a better experience while browsing.

You can add the structured data yourself with the help of free SEO tools online.

Improve your website speed and optimise for mobile users

How To Improve Website Speed

Performance is a key factor when building your e-commerce website. If your website loads slowly, a browser is likely to hop back out quickly and find other websites, especially on mobile. Ensure your website works well on mobile as you’re likely to get a lot of traction here.

In Q1 of 2023, more than 58% of worldwide traffic to websites was from mobile devices.

Improve the speed of your store by reducing the number of plug-ins, reducing file sizes, optimising images and choosing a high-rated web hosting service.

You can find out the speed of your website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Include FAQs for product and category pages

Faqs Seo

Reduce bounce rates on your category and product pages by adding frequently asked questions sections.

Not only do these add value to the page, but the added content allows you to include more keywords and lower the bounce rate of your pages.

Keep customers on the website for longer with valuable FAQs that answer questions you believe they’ll be asking while browsing your online store.

Write unique content on category and product pages

Seo Content Writing

Google rewards websites that offer high-value and unique content.

It will also mark down duplicate content so, if you have several similar products, try to keep their descriptions unique. This applies to both category and product descriptions.

Be sure to include your target keywords throughout your content to ensure it has a better chance of ranking well on a search engine. 

Internal linking is also an essential part of your SEO strategy for your e-commerce website.

Throughout your content, link to other pages on your website. If you have a blog on your website, this gives you an ideal opportunity to link to products, potentially earning more conversions.

Use high-quality imagery

Seo Images

Another aspect of a successful website is the quality of imagery used, especially on products.

If you’re trying to attract customers and show off your products in the best way possible, you must offer the best images available. Dark, grainy ones do not offer up the best aspects of your products. Use well-lit, high-quality images from different angles to show everything to a potential customer.

If you have the chance, videos are also a valuable way of promoting your products. These can also be used on social media channels to increase traffic and interest.

Avoid broken links

How To Fix Broken Links

Broken links make the user experience difficult. You’ll also be punished by Google because they’re unable to effectively navigate your website, negatively impacting your ranking on search engines.

Imagine a customer finds a product they like and want to purchase but clicking the link takes them to the wrong page or a dead link. They’ll head to other websites to find what they’re looking for instead – the last thing you want when you’re running an online business.

By running a technical audit on your website, you can highlight any broken links that need to be fixed. You can simply redirect these to the correct location so customers and search engines know what they’re looking for.

As a result, you should see an improvement in organic traffic and bounce rate.

Enhance your business with an e-commerce SEO strategy

Hopefully, our tips have set you on your way to improving your e-commerce site’s SEO performance and will lead to increased revenue.

However, if you do require some support from a highly successful SEO agency with experts in e-commerce SEO, get in touch with Paramount Digital.

You can also find out how to find the right SEO agency for your business on our blog.

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