Paramount Digital has worked with a variety of businesses looking to improve their SEO when using Squarespace. Squarespace claim on their website that ‘your Squarespace site is already optimised for search engines’ however we are aware of several SEO improvements that can be made to any Squarespace website.

Squarespace is widely known as an easy to use professional platform for brochure websites, however, it is also common knowledge in the digital marketing world that Squarespace SEO can provide difficulty for its users.

Benefits of using Squarespace



XML Sitemap

One of the primary benefits of using Squarespace in respect of SEO is that it has a sitemap readily set up for every user. Sitemaps are of crucial importance for Squarespace SEO as search engines like Google use these sitemaps to crawl these websites and identify the relevancy and authority of the webpage in question.

What do we do?

Site Titles

Squarespace is an excellent platform due to its usability, Squarespace SEO is made much easier by allowing easy adjustments of title tags, one of the most important aspects of SEO. However, ensuring that these titles aren’t over-optimised is also of importance as Google will recognise websites attempting to spam its visitors.

Content marketing

At Paramount Digital are team consists of several content marketing specialists who will produce engaging and relevant content sure to attract visitors to your website. with regards to Squarespace SEO, content marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing to-do-list. a website containing engaging and relevant content will not only be appreciated by customers but also is credited by Google and is likely to have a positive effect on your rankings.


Including links to your content is another viable way of increasing your website’s reputation with Google.  Parmaount Digital have excellent relationships with varying companies- businesses choosing to work with us benefiting from these relationships. An increased amount of links, from authoritative sources, is sure to put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Google presence

the information presented on googles listings is crucial to your Squarespace SEO as this is the first impression given to potential customers. the SEO of this information will give your business the best opportunity to move even higher in Google’s rankings. Our Squarespace SEO experts have dealt with hundreds of small businesses and optimising this information is a skill they have now perfected.


although Squarespace optimise the URL structure to some extent in their default settings, it can certainly be improved. Due to its partial SEO, this component is often overlooked by business owners and digital marketing companies, but Paramount Digital will leave no stone unturned until your Squarespace website is #1 in Googles rankings.

Why paramount?

Paramount Digital has successfully created and developed Squarespace SEO strategies for hundreds of brochure websites. Our multidisciplinary team of experts will guarantee the usability, relevancy, and authority of your website is in optimal condition to be indexed and credited by varying search engines.

Paramount Digital provides a Squarespace SEO strategy that will give your customers the best experience possible. Following a free consultation with your Squarespace expert, our team, qualified in varying fields, will work together to ensure a website is the best it can be.

At the end of each month, you will receive an easy to understand SquareSpace SEO report to display the areas we have been working on. The report will show you the different tools we have used to improve your site and the resulting: rankings, traffic, and earnings.

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