Why has my website ranking decreased?


Panda or Penguin Penalty

If you’re website has dropped dramatically in a short period of time, then it is likely that Google has penalised you with a Panda Penalty or Penguin Penalty. A key indicator that Google has given you one of their dreaded penalties is if you’re website drops quickly in a short period of time – yet seems to be ranking similarly on other search engines.

Google distributes these dreaded penalties when it recognises bad SEO being exercised. if your content is duplicated or link and keyword stuffing are apparent when you are at serious risk! it’s important to continually produce fresh and relevant content for your website and if its better than your competitors then chances are you’ll be beating them on the rankings.


This is usually indicated by a slight drop in rankings, with one of your competitors surpassing you for targeted keywords and other competitors being in the same position. Your digital marketing agency should be continually monitoring and analysing the SEO of competitors, so that their behaviours can be understood, predicted, and defeated.

Being outranked by competitors is easily avoidable by ensuring your SEO is better than theirs! Monitoring your competitors content marketing strategies and link building tactics helps to keep one step ahead and remain ahead of the game. being able to adapt is one of the primary attributes to succeeding in the local SEO world and if your competitors are ranking higher- they must be doing something right.

On-page Issues

The on-page SEO is of primary importance when aiming to climb Google’s rankings and if only attended to once, will soon fall detriment to competitors. On-page SEO is not a one-time fix and continually needs to be attended to and updated to keep your internal linking, content marketing, and keyword research fresh and more relevant than your competitors. in truth, your customers aren’t always looking for the same product and services all year round and your SEO needs to account for that. Be pro-active and get your free SEO audit with Paramount Digital Today!

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