Does Blogging Help SEO?


Regardless of the industry, your business finds itself in, whether it be plumbing, floristry or even architecture, keeping an up to date blog is a great way of improving the SEO for local businesses. Maintaining a blog on your E-commerce website is a great way to show-off your company’s expertise and display keywords and phrases to Google through engaging and relevant content.

Blogs allow for fresh content

If your E-commerce website is largely focused on displaying the products you are looking to sell, it can often be difficult to continually fresh and engaging content. However, Google recently made this one of their primary indicators for moving local businesses web pages up their rankings. So how else can fresh content be regularly published on your E-commerce website? Blogs!

Customers want to buy products and services from the best in the business and providing a blog for those customers representing your authoritative voice- goes a long way to being the best. if your customers see the information they are looking for, why would they leave your E-commerce website to buy the product elsewhere?

Blogs give a great opportunity for links

As your blogs are likely to discuss similar information to your web pages, it allows an excellent opportunity for you to link to relevant services and products throughout your E-commerce websites. Search engines like Google recognise these links and your webpage will be given higher authority as a result, and in turn, higher rankings.

If your blogs are of value then there is also potential that other websites will link to the information you have provided. External links are a great way to show search engines that you are providing helpful content and are also likely to dramatically increase traffic to potential customers.

keyword expansion

As discussed earlier, Keywords are the foundation of SEO for local businesses and of vital importance when attempting to display your website to Google. Blog’s allow for vast amounts of content compared to websites without them and therefore keywords can be incorporated at a higher volume. Using synonyms of keywords forces Google to assume you have more relevant content associated with the subject, giving your webpages boosted rankings.

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