Shopify is an ever-growing E-commerce platform and is becoming increasingly popular in recent years with 550,000 business owners now working on the E-commerce platform facilitating in excess of £40 billion merchandising revenue since the company formed in 2006. Shopify is the most readily used shopping cart solution with its nearest competitor BigCommerce responsible for 90,000 companies worldwide. Our Shopify SEO experts specialise in optimising Shopify stores for varying search engines.

With years of experience, our Shopify consultants have dealt with varying shopify companies, achieving some phenomenal results in the process.


Issues with Shopify

Title tags and meta description

One of the primary problems with the E-commerce platform of Shopify is the misleading figures it allows for title tags and meta descriptions. These two areas are key indicators for Google and need to be utilized effectively from an SEO perspective.

Alt tags

Shopify requests that business owners set the ALT text at an image level meaning if similar images are used across the website, the process of entering the Alt attribute will continually need to be repeated.

The Alt image is a vitally important factor of Shopify SEO when attempting to reach higher rankings and is also of primary interest for users – particularly if an image fails to load.

URL Structure

The Shopify E-Commerce platform provides URL issues similar to other platforms alike. Shopify creates a forced URL structure in its default settings. Shopify canonicalizes the URLs within their website, meaning all pages higher in the hierarchy are included in the URL.

Content Marketing

E-Commerce Shopify websites containing products and services have the potential for pages and products to be optimised for search engines. Optimising one website for varying keywords requires strong marketing strategies and years of experience.

What do we do?

Although fairly simple to identify, rectifying the problems Shopify presents comes with its complications. Our team of Shopify SEO experts will optimise the URL structure within your website and implement the correct canonical links.

One of the most overlooked aspects of Shopify SEO is the optimisation of the content itself. Our qualified Shopify SEO specialists will continually monitor and alter content throughout your website to guarantee it is more relevant and recognisable than your competitors.

Our Shopify SEO experts will use their unique skillset to focus on how your website is perceived externally. Effort is fixated upon building strong links to your website with the intention of attracting relevant customers to your site, who are likely to make conversions.

Why paramount?

At Paramount Digital we have successfully worked with a range of Shopify businesses on varying scales and our vigilant team is the best equipped to take your business forward.

Our Shopify SEO experts will guarantee the content, structure, and usability of your website is vastly improved. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals are aware the decision of selecting a Shopify SEO team is a difficult one but feel the decision to work with a results-driven company like ourselves is essential for the ultimate success of your business.

Paramount Digital provides an SEO strategy that will give your customers the best experience possible. Following a free consultation with your E-Commerce expert our team, qualified in varying fields, will work together to ensure your eCommerce website is the best it can be.

At the end of each month, you will receive an easy to understand E-Commerce SEO report to display the areas we have been working on. The report will show you the different tools we have used to improve your site and the resulting: rankings, traffic, and earnings.

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