A visual guide to creating high converting landing pages

Digital Marketing

Any decent SEO agency will tell you that getting traffic to your website is only the first part of the job.

The next, and more important part of the job, is getting that traffic to convert on your website.

Now you could just send all your traffic to your homepage.

But that’s only a good idea if you’re looking to build general awareness of your brand.

If you want to convert your traffic, send them to a landing page.

Most websites have a landing page. But most landing pages don’t convert (the industry average is about 2.5% conversion rate).

So, to help you convert more of that SEO traffic you’ve started to get.

Here’s a quick visual guide to help you understand how to build a high converting landing page.

After looking at this you decide you want some help designing, building and launching some high converting landing pages for your website, give us a call or drop an email.


The Complete Guide to a Successful Landing Page infographic

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