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SEO for SquareSpace

Squarespace is an excellent platform to use for your brochure website in terms of SEO, but don’t be fooled by their claims that your Squarespace website is already optimised to be indexed by Google. There is some truth in this statement in their bold statement as the platform auto-generates sitemaps, as well as allowing users to adapt page titles and descriptions. One of the most interesting features of Squarespace is that it is optimised for mobile devices- as Google now recognises mobiles as the primary device- this could be essential for SEO success.

Other features include:

  • Squarespace carries free templates that are simple to customise without specialist coding skills.
  • the brochure website platform also has many built-in features such as image galleries, blogging, podcasting and mobile friendliness.
  • commerce tools are also built in if your business aims to sell digital or physical products.

SEO for WordPress

WordPress accounts for nearly 20% of all websites with 74.6 million sites around the world depending on the platform. WordPress is largely recommended by most digital marketing brands and is the brochure website platform we use at Paramount Digital. One of the most beneficial components of using WordPress is the option of third-party plugins. other great features for WordPress include:

  • Thousands of themes are available created by people all around the world, however, selecting one that won’t break over time can be challenging and the most exclusive templates cost money.

Where WordPress Beats Squarespace

Website Listing on Google

a large proportion of SEO for E-commerce and brochure websites is displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). Editing title tags, meta description, and URLs is made relatively simple by WordPress if you install the plugin, Yoast SEO.

The plug-in will give you guidelines on the length of each of these sections but produce information that will get your business’s website to the top of Google is a difficult skill and our WordPress SEO consultants at Paramount Digital have proven the success.


When aiming to improve SEO for your local business, blogging regularly is an excellent way to keep moving up the rankings of Google and other search engines. in WordPress, there are no limits to the number of editors and writers that have access to your site.

This allows the multidisciplinary team at Paramount Digital to work simultaneously on your website, constantly producing fresh and engaging content. WordPress even provides the option to grant or deny access to certain sections and features within your WordPress platform. Squarespace only allows two collaborators making SEO for Squarespace slightly more difficult- unless you want to pay for more users.


Although we don’t recommend it, WordPress provides some information for you to be able to do your own SEO for your WordPress website. the Yoast plugin we discussed earlier will allocate vague keywords and provide information as to how often you have included this in your text. Be warned though, this software is regularly behind Google’s algorithms and working with a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO is sure to boost your Google rankings. Yoast SEO only scrapes the surface and is incredibly basic, therefore unlikely to have a major positive impact on your websites traffic and conversions.

Where Squarespace Beats WordPress

Crawling and Load Speed

this may be fairly difficult to understand if you haven’t previously delved into SEO. Crawling is the term used for when Google analyses your website and determines how relevant and authoritative each individual webpage is for the corresponding google searches. As Squarespace auto-generates relatively strong URL’s, Google finds it much easier to crawl Squarespace websites due to these simple URLs and as a result, can be done relatively quickly. WordPress, on the other hand, contains URLs with irrelevant information, full of duplicate content, damaging the credibility of your website.

User Experience

Squarespace themes are the most responsive on the market meaning that your web pages are likely to be responsive. This means that if your website is appealing on a desktop setting, it is also likely to look good and be user-friendly on their mobiles.


Deciding which platform to use can be an extremely difficult one and in truth, there isn’t a clear winner between WordPress and Squarespace with regards to SEO. however, there probably is a clear winner for your particular business and website.

WordPress allows for simple on-page SEO with the use of Yoast, however relying on the plugin would be a naïve approach and is likely to struggle to compete with competitors dedicating more attention to SEO. on the other hand Squarespace boasts strong off-page SEO benefits, with the automated URL structure being a real positive for usability and Googles crawling purposes.

 Why Paramount Digital?

Optimising brochure websites for search engines requires extensive expert knowledge of SEO and the additional complications encountered.

Paramount Digital provides an SEO strategy that strives to give your customers the best experience possible. Our year so of experience in the field and individual attention to detail sets us apart from other Digital Marketing agencies. Following a free consultation with your brochure website consultant out multidisciplinary team will collaboratively work to make your website the best it can be.

At the end of each month, you will receive an easy to understand SEO report to display the areas we have been working on. The report will show you the different tools we have used to improve your site and the resulting: rankings, traffic, and earnings.

If you would like any advice on Brochure websites or are interested in a free consultation call us on 01744 88 1876 or email at marketing@paramountdigital.co.uk

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