Experts at working to existing branding or creating a new brand from scratch.


Branding that moves with your business.

We understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd – but what’s even more important is connecting with your audience in ways your competitors can’t. Our team of web designers work with you to come up with a brand strategy that speaks to your customers on a different level and moves with you long into the future.

Online marketing is forever changing, regardless of the industry you’re in, so ensuring your online presence remains strong is crucial. That’s where our branding team comes in. Whether you are just starting out with an idea, or have been working on something for months, we can work with you on everything from logos and colour palettes to social media graphics and ensuring your brand will look as great in a years’ time as it does today.


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Branding together

Creating and developing a brand is a lengthy process, but one we can’t get enough of and we love forming long-lasting relationships working closely with our clients to ensure we meet their needs at every step of the way. Our team are experts at what they do, but you’re an expert on your company, so you are involved in the whole process of creating your brand at all times.

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Investing in brand

An online presence that can stand out from the crowd is increasingly important in today’s market. That’s why our Web Design team take each and every case as the unique creation that it is. A brand isn’t just a logo and a slogan, it’s the values upon which your company will be based and that’s why it’s so important to take the time to get it right and our designers can work closely with you or, if you prefer to take a backseat, come up with a complete brand for you to achieve that goal.

Branding clients


A client came to us with a gap in the market when local councils reduced the number of bin collections they do per month. We came up with the name, branding, logo and content for the now-established and successful brand, Bin-it-off.

St. Helens, Merseyside
Metro Guard

Whilst Metro Guard have been an established company since 1998, they came to us looking to create an online brand. With a simple but effective colour scheme, Metro Guard now have a clear identity, with a logo that can be used in full form or just the shield icon depending on the need.

London, UK
Core Bags

Arriving to us as a new company, Core Bags are now the leading UK company in customised bags. Just like their bags, a customised brand was created, with the logo reflecting the base values of the company as an online bag retailer.

Hampshire, UK
Biodegradable Store

The Biodegradable Store approached us wanting a new brand from the bottom up, and we handed them back a bold online presence, with name, logo, colour scheme and content all matching the strong principles and values of the company.

Media Co

Media Co. required a rebrand to freshen up a company image that has been established in the image and project management sector for twenty years. We created a slicker logo and brand to match the present state of the field, whilst maintaining the traditions and values of the company.

Manchester, UK
Yes Mix

Another completely new brand, Yes Mix required a strong online presence from the off. We created a logo, content and brand that will immediately make an impact with potential new clients.

Warrington, UK
The Marble Store

The Marble Store required a rebranding to modernise their already well-established company. Whilst dealing in the best stone surfaces sourced from around the world, the Marble Store required a sophisticated branding to match their business values. We delivered, with a slick website and logo to turn website visitors into customers.

Welham Green, Hertfordshire
Apple Watch Strap

A new company looking to deal in the modern market of watch straps designed purely for Apple watches, was branded to match the fashionable products that they sell. A slick logo and colour scheme matched a simple, minimalist website designed to be user-friendly from the start through to finishing a purchase.

St. Helens, Merseyside
Ryan Jayberg

Ryan Jayberg approached us looking to refresh a brand that had remained relatively untouched for decades. Established in 1966, and significantly increasing in size in the mid-80's following the acquisition of another company, Ryan Jayberg was immediately brought into current times with a clean, blue branding that has been utilised company-wide, looking as good online as across their fleet of vehicles.


Talk to an expert

If you're looking for a new presence online, our design and development experts are the perfect people to help you along your way. Our team of specialists have the skills and experience necessary to get your website and branding to the top of its game, so why not contact us today?

Customer Reviews

I am yet to come across an organisation which is so true to their word. I went to Paramount Digital hoping to get help with my digital marketing issues and they have truly exceeded my expectation from the time I had my very first conversation with them. Thank you for guiding me through a process which was very alien to me and my team and thank you for being amazingly honest with your advise and finding me ways to save money. I could not praise this company enough for having such excellent work ethics, for truly caring about their customers needs and for the honest helpful advise. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING in your field!

Connor McQue
Been working with these guys for many years now and there service and the results they have given us have been brilliant. We have two websites which they run the SEO for and traffic increases month on month, year on year for both. Also whenever we have needed advice i feel we have always been pointed in the right direction.
Adam Curtis

I have worked with Paramount Digital for 3 previous businesses that I have managed in London and still refer them to anyone who wants to improve their business through digital marketing.Dave and his team have built our clinics websites from scratch, giving a more luxurious and user friendly feel, they also deal with our SEOs on a monthly basis and we have seen a massive increase in new enquiries and traffic to the website. They also give great sound advice when we want to boost specific treatments. Highly recommend this company!

Niamh Kennedy

We were recommended by a few business people that Paramount Digital were the guys to go to for a full website and hosting service. David, Brad, Sam and Jenny to name a few have been so help and professional. They really know their stuff and we have been impressed. I would recommended this business without hesitation and have done already.

Gary Wilson

My clinic has been using Paramount Digital for years and from the first phone call they have been really impressive. The SEO results have been consistently strong and their customer service is excellent. Whenever I have a problem or question they have always responded immediately and have either resolved the issue or given me really good advice. They have always gone above and beyond what they are contracted to do. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to work with a professional outfit to positively impact their SEO.

Stacey Bettsy

I have been with Paramount Digital for over 18 months now, the team manage all aspects of our digital marketing – SEO, Google Shopping and Social Media Campaigns for my website Clarkes Golf, our online sales have increased by 90% as a result of the work completed, receiving regular reports providing transparency in the work completed clearly showing the improvements being made, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paramount Digital if you are looking to improve your online presence and increase sales (difficult to understand the negative review as the team have always gone above and beyond) A results driven, transparent Digital Marketing Agency.

Thanks at all the team at Paramount, especially Dave, Andrew, Alex and Sam who have helped us massively with our journey online.

Chris Clarke

Paramount Digital have been helping me with our SEO and PPC for the last 2 years. I am very familiar with both areas, but needed help to improve our performance, increase the number of new leads, and get a better ROI. I can honestly say that they do great work, are a fantastic team, and most importantly – they deliver what they say they will. If I’m still happy 2 years later, that says it all. They are always available to talk when needed, they go the extra mile, and they really care about doing a great job. I can’t recommend them enough. David Hunter, Andrew Gillespie, Sam Rourke, and the rest of the team have shown me why it’s so important to listen to the experts in this area. The results have been amazing, and I hope to enjoy working with them for many years to come. Jill Wright, General Manager of The Harley Street Smile Clinic.

Harley St Smile, Harley Street Smile Clinic

Since Paramount have taken over our google marketing and social media we have had a huge influx of business. Dave and his professional team are extremely helpful and responsive- I would highly recommend Paramount for all your website and online business promotion needs!

Katie Ellison, Hello Baby

We have been working with Paramount Digital for almost 2 years, managing our SEO, PPC and more recently targeted Remarking and have seen a drastic improvement in online sales in such a short space of time.

We always find that the staff are easy to work with and are always on hand to discuss new avenues and ideas to optimise our website. We find it hard to believe the negative review as Dave and the team have gone above and beyond for us, and we would highly recommend Paramount Digital to anyone looking to increase their online sales.

OD's Designer Clothing

Paramount were our 3rd SEO company having tried 2 before that were basically useless, took our money for 12 months and did more harm than good.

Paramount are the real deal, have improved rankings and increased site turnover.

I find staff to be helpful and professional. They do know what they are doing. And whilst it wasnt an overnight success, nothing is with SEO, we are now benefitting from the hard work they have put in for us.

We have had no experiences like some of the negative reviews here and wish everyone as Paramount every success in the future. For sure we will be along for the ride if the upward trends continue…



Excellent customer service and great results form our marketing campaign – would highly recommend Paramount Digital for your digital marketing strategy!

Stephen Scully, Apple Watch Straps

Great company to work with. They assisted our company with SEO and website optimisation. Would definitely recommend their services.

John Donoghue, Arcus Compliance

Excellent, proven results from professional, friendly staff. Recommended.

Jay Connolly

Why is branding so important?

Branding is more than just a logo and a colour scheme. It’s worth taking the time over your brand and getting it right. Here’s why:

From your website to social media to uniforms to your fleet of vehicles, the brand will be the one thing truly visible to all clients. Ensure your entire company is united under one solid brand.
The wrong branding can push customers away. The right branding can attract clients on its own. Make sure it's right.
Customer Loyalty
A strong brand can be something to encourage client loyalty, making them return again and again.
By putting your brand to a product you create a bond of trust between you and a client.
Branding done right can become a valuable asset to a company, increasing the company value.
A brand is something your customers can relate your products or services to, which stops them going to your competitors.


Can I design my own website?

There are now tools available online for you to build your own website, quickly and easily in just a few hours.

However, a bespoke, user-friendly site is the only way you can maximise your business, turning those web page visitors into customers and clients, and that’s where our web team come in.

With years of experience in design and development, they are here to develop and design those website ideas you have or come up with something brand new, tailored for your business.

Contact us here or give us a call on 01744747475.

How long will it take to design my website?

A website’s cost isn’t a set price as it can depend on a variety of factors. During our initial talks we try to gather as much information as possible, this allows us to work out how long your new website will take approximately.

A breakdown of the time and cost will be then sent over to you for consideration.

For more information regarding this, please get in touch here or give us a call on 01744 74 7475.

What are the benefits of designing a mobile friendly website?

With over half of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2018, it’s more important than ever to carefully design websites for these smaller screen sizes. We consider a mobile-first approach to our websites  so we have a great user experience across devices and ensure your users can easily access all of the important information they’re seeking with ease.

Many websites meet their downfall when their website is tailored to suit desktop computers but their mobile site is poorly designed and not user friendly. Getting your website built by Paramount Digital’s Design and Development team ensures a bespoke site that will suit all screen sizes and maximise your company’s online potential.

Get in touch here or give us a call on 01744 74 7475.

I already have a website. Can you help maximise its potential?

Here at Paramount, we specialise in developing websites that aren’t currently working to their full potential. Our services are tailored to each and every case and we will offer an honest, face-to-face review of your current site, whether this means a work-over by our SEO team to boost your search engine rankings, a few changes by our Design and Development team or a complete renovation of the site.

To review your site today, get in touch here or give us a call on 01744 74 7475.

Why is my website slower than it used to be?

Lots of factors can make a website load slower over time including plugin changes, lack of updates or security breaches, amongst others. Here at Paramount Digital we pride ourselves on our consistent management of websites to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve.

Our Web Design and Development team are currently launching our new monthly support packages, which will make sure your website remains secure, up-to-date and running to its full potential in order to let you turn those web page visitors into clients.

Register your interest; get in touch here or give us a call on 01744 74 7475.

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