Why product reviews are good for Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO

Everyone knows that product reviews are an essential part of marketing.

Not just online.

Product reviews are the best way to show how and why your products or services are so good.

They’re your customers, proactively telling other people why they’re glad they bought from you.

Whether it’s a customer saying how great their new computer is and how you helped them make the right choice, or a head of marketing telling other companies how you’ve helped increase traffic and lead generation by 50% in three weeks.

These kinds of endorsements are invaluable for you.

But product reviews and case studies serve another huge purpose for digital and content marketing.

They’re also great for Ecommerce SEO results.

Here’s why.


Generating new content

One of the hardest parts of SEO from a content marketing perspective, is generating enough new content.

Whether this is short form blogs and articles, or long form pillar pages or guides, creating content of good quality on a consistent basis is tough.

Customer reviews can help fill your content calendar with new content.

And the best part, most of it will be user generated content – so you don’t need to write it.

You might need to put more time into writing case studies, but you’ll save time researching new things to write about as the topic takes care of itself and, as the case study is about your product or service, it comes with keywords built in.

Having this new content uploaded on a regular basis (ideally alongside your usual blogs, guides and videos) means search engines have more content to crawl, which means your website authority will increase quicker.


Improving branded search results

Coming top of Google for your brand name is taken as the most essential part of an SEO strategy.

If you can’t convince Google to rank you first when someone searches specifically for you, how will you convince search engines to rank your other content above the competition.

Product reviews are great for branded search terms.

Whether they’re shorter product reviews or endorsements, or longer case studies, they tend to come with your company name included within the new content so you’ll start to rank quickly for your branded search terms.


No duplicated content

Duplicated content is one of the hardest things to avoid in SEO and content marketing, especially when you’re creating content around similar products or services.

Which is why product reviews are so great.

No one customer will write exactly the same product review (or it’s incredibly unlikely they will) so you don’t need to worry about duplicate content.

Even case studies are never written in exactly the same way, because the way you serviced a customer will be different each time.

All this means you have ready-made content and templates that you can write without the concern that you’ve already written about it before.


Create SEO authority for high conversion searches

Making it easy for people to find you when they’re actively looking to make a purchase is a big part of SEO – maybe the biggest.

After all, there’s never a better time to get in front of a customer than the exact time they’re looking to spend money.

Case studies and product reviews are great for this, because anyone interested in a case study or review is further down the buyer journey than someone just looking for general information – meaning they’re closer to being ready to buy.

They’ve already done most of their research about what product or service they want, now they’re just looking for validation on the right product or service provider for them.

If, in that search, they come across a case study which outlines how you successfully provided that product or service to someone else, you’ll more than likely convert them.


Reviews are a key indicator of trust and authority

Two of the main pillars Google relies on when deciding where to rank a website for a particular search, is trust and authority.

The more trustworthy and authoritative your website, the higher you’ll rank.

For the most part this is earned through content creation and generating relevant, high domain authority backlinks to your website.

But customer reviews are just as important.

If you have two websites with similar amounts of content and links, Google will look at the website with more reviews as the more trustworthy and rank it higher.

This makes sense when you think about it.

The website with the most reviews has generated much happier customers (because they’ve been willing to write a positive review) so it must be better, right?


Of course, getting product reviews and case studies is just one part of your SEO and content marketing strategy.

If you want to see how you improve the SEO performance of your website, get in touch with us today for a free SEO audit from one of our expert SEO consultants.

We’ll be able to show you which areas of your site are performing well, and highlight the areas you need to improve to start seeing better search results performance.

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