Do Meta Descriptions Really Matter?


Meta Descriptions are one of the main components of getting your website or page viewed on a search engine.

What is a Meta Description?

Basically, a meta description, or meta data, is the piece of text that appears under the name of a page on a search engine. Their traditional role is to give a snippet of what the page is about and give off the point of the page quickly and easily. Information that is usually included in meta descriptions is a quick bit of information about the page, the companies contact information or information about the company itself.


How Long should they be?

Most website-building software will only allow your meta data to be a certain length. WordPress, the most common software used for building up websites, allows up to 320 characters (including spaces). This allows for you to give an adequate amount of information about the page. Some may struggle to write up to/cut down to 320 characters, but it gives you a chance to give a particular amount of information with getting not enough information across/getting bogged down into too much information.


Are they still useful?

Meta descriptions are helpful on a number of levels. Meta descriptions are a handy way of sneaking in your keywords a few extra times. This allows crawlers to know more about your website and what your page is focused on. Meta descriptions are also perfect to pull your users in to read your page. When you think about it, your meta data is the first real information your user will see of your page. If you write meta data in the right way, you can hopefully get your page viewed more and more.



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