Everything You Need to Know about Google Reviews and SEO


Attaining Google reviews is a simple, cost-effective way to stand out among your competitors by increasing customer trust and furthering your online presence. Receiving continual fresh reviews is a proven method when looking to increase your reputation and your return on investment. Although Google Reviews have a range of SEO benefits for your website, one of their primary benefits is the improved relationship with your customer it will provide.

Benefits of Google Reviews

Customer trust

Acquiring reviews from your happy customers is a dependable way of perceiving a trustworthy and credible brand. A vital characteristic when trying to stand out among rival competitors. In recent years, consulting online reviews has become one of the most common methods to distinguish reliable companies from the unreliable.

Google reviews ensure that your happy customers are at the forefront of your online presence, after all, potential customers are more likely to trust their opinion over yours when it comes to your business. As Google is where the majority of your customers will first come across your business, incorporating reviews gives you a much better chance of getting users to convert.

Google reviews and their effect on SEO

It is now considered a well-known fact that Google reviews have an effect on a website ranking among search results pages. Despite Google not sharing their algorithm, it is widely accepted that positive Google Reviews can see your business soar up the rankings, particularly when it comes to Local SEO.

Google reviews affecting SEO is quite logical in fact as positive reviews are likely to increase the amount of traffic visiting your website. This increased click-through rate (CTR) coupled with impressive reviews is sure to see your website appear toward the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). This increased amount of traffic leading to your website, with strong content marketing and calls to action, will lead to a much higher conversion rate. In essence, Google reviews will increase your conversion rate, something we’re all looking for.

How to encourage Google Reviews

It is likely that customers will leave reviews about your business on their own accord, but being more pro-active and having an input into your online reputation is going to benefit you and your business massively. There are three main strategies you can utilise to increase the number of positive reviews you receive:

Customer service

Unfortunately, a customer is much more likely to leave a review following a poor customer experience compared to when they have a positive experience. However, if you provide a service that surpasses expectations, they are much more likely to leave a review. In layman’s terms, providing the best service you possibly can for your customers is a sure-fire way to increase the amount of positive reviews your business receives.

Ask your customers

People appreciate honesty, and without sounding too desperate, simply asking your customers to leave a review is perfectly fine. Maybe let them know how important it is to your business and for those not as tech-savvy, potentially show them how to leave a Google review. If you feel this method is too forward, perhaps printing a review request onto a receipt is another option.

Email and Social Media correspondence

Implementing review requests into your e-mail and social media strategies can be a dependable way to increase the number of reviews your website receives. Using your email correspondence to increase the amount of Google reviews you receive, and in-turn ranks well in search engine result pages.

Why Paramount Digital?

Now you are aware of the many benefits that Google reviews have for the SEO of your websites and equally important, for building trust with your customers. This blog posts also gives three channels by which you can increase the amount of Google Reviews your business receives. If you’re looking for a reliable SEO agency to take your business forward and utilise the benefits that Google reviews can give you, contact the SEO experts at Paramount Digital on 01744 88 1876 or request a Free In-Depth Digital Marketing Analysis.

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