5 Best Shopify Apps for SEO

Do you want to join the platform that owns almost 11% of the global eCommerce market? Or maybe you already have a Shopify account and want to maximise customer engagement? The best way to do that is to add apps and plugins to create Search Engine Optimization [SEO] opportunities. These third-party apps create automatic optimization for your

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Do you want to join the platform that owns almost 11% of the global eCommerce market? Or maybe you already have a Shopify account and want to maximise customer engagement? The best way to do that is to add apps and plugins to create Search Engine Optimization [SEO] opportunities.

These third-party apps create automatic optimization for your images, helping increase loading speeds and decreasing bounce rates from customers. Shopify uses a mobile app builder so you can build a customised shopping experience.

It works alongside your Shopify SEO, and you may install it to your website without prior coding experience. Shopify’s platform, tutorials, and customer support will help you through the setup process.

Shopify’s app marketplace offers a wide selection. You need to visit the marketplace as many apps are required for advanced site functionality. Many of them are free or available for an additional subscription. Keep an eye out for the best five Shopify apps for SEO.

Other advantages of Shopify include:

  • One million businesses have a Shopify site.
  • Revenue rose 47 percent from Q1 2019 to Q1 2020.
  • Over 50 percent of Shopify shoppers make a repeat purchase.

What Is an SEO App and Why Do You Need It?

· SEO Description

A smart SEO app is a program that promotes effective Shopify SEO scores to draw in consumers and help give your site a better user experience. The apps speed up keyword optimization functionality.

They replace clunky schemas in the source code or add popular metadata by directly plugging into your platform and giving you an admin dashboard for the operation.

An SEO app is essential for a superior customer experience by elevating keywords and search result ranking. It is also capable of scanning your site to point out subpar features and offer improvements. For a marketing strategy and keyword research program, this is how you elevate your revenue stream.

These apps also create meta and alt tags. With the rise of mobile shopping, you need to match customer expectations, and these apps can do that for you by offering accelerated mobile pages.

· Mobile Optimization

You will want to ensure your website is available on mobile devices to reach the over 50% of eCommerce shoppers who browse and buy directly through their technology. Having a fast-loading site speed and one-click shopping is vital to this content strategy.

Smart SEO apps aid the process by suggesting ways to restructure the page for a better mobile experience. Maximising a Shopify SEO tool for your platform serves your mobile audience by linking keywords, reviews, and backlinks to your website.

1. AVADA SEO SUITE – Comprehensive Resource

The AVADA SEO Suite is an app available through Shopify’s marketplace that is best described as a content-rich resource. The program fixes and streamlines image optimization sizes, Alt tags and metadata, JSON-LD, and sitemaps with one-click automation.

The app focuses on Google search results. The advantage of this one is it is comprehensive and is intuitive to use to create a faster-loading and better-looking catalogue.

The SEO Suite comes with a 4.9 (out of 5) Shopify rating with over 1100 reviews. There is a free plan available. A more advanced set of features is also available with a subscription of $29 per month.

2. JSON-LD For SEO Features

JSON-LD for Shopify SEO is another easy-to-use app that focuses on optimising your website’s JSON ID structured data features. The adjustments allow the web page to appear higher in Google traffic. The app allows your store to be seen on catalogue images, prices, and stock status on SERP results pages.

A higher SERP rating is a proven boost. Putting this much information in front of more eyes boosts your click-through rates and converts viewers to customers.

It is very highly rated at 4.9 based on 400 reviews. The app has a one-time charge of $229 to use.

3. SEO Get Clicked! – SEO Tools 

The app called SEO Get Clicked is a solution to problems you didn’t know you had. It scans your site and gives you the right tools to fix the issues that lower SEO and afterward boosts optimization to increase your customer base.

The tools also work to streamline the SEO of your catalogue images and descriptions to provide a higher ranking for Google’s Rich Snippets. A higher ranking translates to a greater ROI.

It is unique for offering in-app education videos to provide a better experience. A week-long free trial is available, followed by a cost of $19.99 per month. The user reviews equal 4.8.

4. SEO Booster – SEO Marketing Made Easy

When you download this app, it does exactly what it says. SEO Booster provides marketing tools to raise internet rankings. The interface is built for those just getting started with site SEO optimization who want to organically grow traffic.

It works by optimising your catalogue images, meta tags, URLs, JSON-LD, schema, and sitemaps. It also sends a daily report showing the SEO analysis so you can streamline your marketing and gain a higher ROI through organic traffic.

With over 2,000 user ratings, it has a well-earned score of 4.8. You can have a free plan or one with more features for $39 per month.

5. SEO Site Audit – Fix SEO issues

SEO Site Audit is one of the better options out there for scanning Shopify online stores and creating the best user experience. It fixes issues with product catalogue images, meta tags, content, heading tags, and schema.

The audit analyses plugin SEO, financial, and eCommerce ratings and compares them against stores with seven- and eight-figure annual sales. The app then suggests direct steps to take to finish platform optimization and delete any drawbacks.

And another advantage is that you can get the program for free. It has a perfect 5-star rating on the Shopify store with hundreds of user reviews.


By downloading one or all of these programs and plugins considered some of the best Shopify SEO apps, you will arrive at a superior eCommerce position and help create a winning mobile page. Boosting Shopify SEO works to increase customer engagement and sales. It gives you a bigger piece of the two billion online shoppers and is a proven success factor.

If you need help picking one of these apps or getting a free SEO assessment, contact us here at Paramount for assistance right now.


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