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As a digital marketing agency specialising in high-quality copy – we are all too familiar with the peaks and troughs of creative flow. Working with a wide variety of industries means that for our content team, no two days are ever the same. But that’s not to say we’re immune to that condition which affects all writers at some time or another.

Writer’s block.

Yes, although creating content is at the heart of our work, it is inevitable that some days will be tougher than others. And so, on those days when words aren’t flowing, what do we do to remain productive?

Our content team have come up with some sure-fire ways to drum up inspiration during those times of need, and today – we’re sharing them with you! So, if writer’s block is your kryptonite, stick around to find out how you can come out the other side – more productive than ever!

writer's block

White space is not your friend

It can be all too easy sometimes to overthink a topic. Whether it’s because you’re writing about something new and unfamiliar, or you’re just struggling to compose your thoughts and ideas into the right structure. This can lead to a prolonged amount of time staring at the white space of your empty word document.

Rule number one – don’t do this.

As the great Charles Bukowski once said, “writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” – so, in other words – get writing!

It doesn’t have to be your final polished version but getting the ball rolling and words coming out will almost always trigger that familiar flow of thought, and before you know it you will have pages full.

Editing work is always easier than writing from scratch – so trust us on this one, it really does work!

Keep your content goal in mind

Depending on the subject matter, writing content can be one of two things: effortlessly natural or cripplingly painful. It is therefore so important that you keep one goal in mind before you even start. Are you writing to inform readers about a new product or service? Are you offering guidance about an industry relevant issue? Whatever your core goal is, write this at the top of your page so that it remains at the centre of everything you put down.

It may sound silly, but it can be so easy to end up off-track, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the topic at hand. Keeping one simple goal at the forefront will help you to structure your writing and get words out quicker and more efficiently.

to-do list

Create a to-do list

Okay – so who doesn’t love the satisfaction of ticking off items on their to-do list? It encourages productivity and offers little wins throughout the day to keep morale up. This is especially crucial if you’re writing all day every day, and so our next tip is to break your content tasks up into bitesize items.

Depending on how you work, it may be worth breaking down sections of your day into an agenda. If you’re working on a large and time-consuming piece of content, having a to-do list will certainly help you to structure your content and tick things off as you work your way through the sections.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing this really, but we’re certain that the appeal of that instant gratification will pull you from your writer’s block every time!


Take regular breaks away from the screen

This may not be the case for everyone, but for many writers, staring at a screen for hours on end can be a fast-track route to writer’s block. Taking regular short breaks to make a drink, grab a snack or just have a chat with someone can be all it takes to help your mind reset, leaving you feeling focused on the task at hand.

If you’re working to a tight deadline, this can also work for individual tasks too! If you’ve spent a long time on one piece of writing, save it and open up something new. Taking a break away from something you’ve spent a long time on can help your brain fog lift, meaning that when you come back to it you should be able to proof and edit with fresh eyes!

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How do you combat writer’s block?

As a team, we love to learn and share industry knowledge with other creatives – so we hope today’s blog has been insightful. What we’d really love to know though, is how do you break free from writer’s block? Share your go-to tips in the comments section below!

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