Why SEO and digital marketing are more important than ever

Content Marketing

Google processes roughly 5.8billion searches every day – about 2trillion a year.

That’s 5.8billion enquiries from people looking for answers to specific questions, and many of them customers looking for information and details about products they’re interested in buying.

Whether you work in B2C or B2B, many of your customers will start their buying journey via a Google search, which is why focusing on SEO and digital marketing is so important to your sales.

While many people often see SEO and digital marketing as two separate things, they are very much aligned.

Search engine optimisation helps lay the foundation for a high performing website.

It helps steer the architecture of your website.

Everything from how you design the site, how you structure it, how you manage the speed and usability of the website, down to the information that needs to go on the website.

SEO has a hand in it.

From there, you can use digital marketing and content creation to fill your website with the kind of information your customers need to know.

They’re looking for answers to questions and solutions to problems, and you want them on your website finding those answers, rather than the competition.

Utilising an agency for this can be extremely beneficial.

As cope.gr say, “Our success can only be measured by the success of our customers.”

Understand what information your customers need

It sounds obvious, but the only way you can answer your customers questions, is by knowing what questions they ask.

This is where your keyword research comes in.

By finding the right keywords you can figure out what searches your customers are making in Google, and build your content creation around them.

These are both short tail and long tail searches and it’s important you understand the search intent behind particular searches so you can provide users with the best information.

Once you know the keywords your customers are using, you can start to figure out what questions you need to answer and what content you need to create.


Creating the right content

Content creation is a pretty broad term in digital marketing.

From the copy you put on your web pages, to the blogs and articles you create, to the eBooks and user guides you write, all of this falls under the umbrella of content creation.

From an SEO perspective, there are some key bits of content you should focus on that will help get you found in search:

  • Your web pages: Writing web copy around your SEO keywords is the primary way you’ll create content for your website. Your web copy is the best chance you have of explaining the benefits you offer your customers and why they should use you.
  • Blogs/articles: When it comes to longer tail search queries, blogs and SEO articles are often the best content to create. They give you a chance to target more varied, but still relevant keywords that can go into more depth and answer specific questions that customers have.
  • Videos: Despite what you might think, videos are a key part of a modern SEO content strategy. If you’ve ever looked through the top results in a Google search, it’s a fair bet that many of the top searches are posts or pages that include a video. If you’re wondering how to get SEO value out of a video, something as simple as including a transcription of the video on the page can be enough. You can use an editor such as InVideo for creating your videos.


Distributing your content

While creating SEO content can be a great way to help you get found in search, you’re limiting yourself pretty severely by focusing only on your content.

You also need to figure out the best way to distribute it to reach a wider audience.

Some of the key distribution channels to use include:

  • Social media: Your owned channels are your best way to promote your content. Regularly posting via social, getting involved in conversations and promoting your content can help drive more traffic to your site that you can start converting into leads.
  • Email: Growing an email list is one of the best ways you can grow your audience and get more leads. A lot of your email marketing comes down to the quality of the content you promote. You don’t need to always go for the hard sell, so focus on email copy that gives useful information to your audience.
  • PR and guest posts: Finally, getting your content published on third party websites is one of the best ways to bring in more traffic. Having news websites, trade websites or industry blogs publish your articles is a signal to your audience that your thoughts are worth listening to. And if you can get a link back to your website as well, then you’ll also help boost your SEO results.


SEO and digital marketing are still essential to grow your audience

With so many customers turning to search engines to find answers, it is vital that you are using SEO and digital marketing to provide information and get found.

Today, with so many businesses moving online, the competition to get found is increasing all the time.

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, the last thing you want to do is simply become part of the noise.

So instead, take the time to do your research on your customers.

Find out what challenges they’re trying to overcome, what barriers are in their way to achieve what they need to, what information do they need to convince them to buy something, and what are their main objections to buying services that you offer.

By focusing on content that answers all these questions you’ll have a much better chance of getting more customers through your website.

Get in touch today for a free SEO audit of your website and we can help you improve your search rankings and produce better content that will get you more business.

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