How to create the right content for SEO

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We mention the phrase “content is king” repeatedly because it is true! And we can’t stress it enough…

This is why you should look to optimise every piece of content on your website to ensure that it is reaching as many people as possible.

If you take a look at some competitors that may be performing better in your field, it will be highly likely that they have spent the time analysing and refining their content – making it easier for consumers to digest. After all, the customer should always be the priority in marketing.

Perhaps it is time to sit down and evaluate how you produce your content and if there is anything you could do better to make it more valuable in terms of SEO.

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Do your research

With anything, researching the project before you undertake it can be a great way of giving you a heads up on the best way to produce SEO-friendly content. You may not have to research the topic you’re writing about in great detail if you have a depth of prior knowledge, but there are plenty of ways you can optimise your SEO performance through the content you produce.

Using free and easy to navigate tools from Google themselves, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, can give you a big advantage when it comes marketing your content correctly. Here you can find search trends, so if a certain keyword is popular at the time you can produce content that will be of assistance to the new influx of traffic.

You can also analyse your own site, and evaluate which pages are getting the most impressions (appearances on a user’s screen) and which ones are not. This allows you to decipher whether you should take advantage of a popular page or look to give an underperforming page a push.

Include the right keywords

So, you’ve done your research and are ready to write until your heart is content, but how do you actively know when to adopt the right SEO techniques? Well, this comes by the way of including the terms that your potential customers are searching for. This could be through questions or simply searching for a product or a service in their local area.

By doing some quick keyword research and finding out which keywords apply to you, you are able to include them in your content, linking to the relevant page. This allows Google to recognise that a site is well connected and improves overall usability. Plus, giving your traffic a way to navigate through your website allows them to learn more about your product/service and increases the chances of conversion – the holy grail of online marketing!

Keep it engaging!

It is often a common misconception that creating content for SEO purposes means stuffing the keywords you are looking to target onto one page without any reason or context, as this still increases their online presence, right? Wrong.

Google has a very strict policy on “keyword stuffing”, considering the practice as spammy so it can prove very harmful to your SEO. Instead, you should naturally include keywords throughout your piece when they have the relevant context. A general rule of thumb is a maximum of 5 times in a standard blog post. In doing so, you can take advantage of your audience’s attention and create informative and engaging content that is going to make them stay on your landing page for longer. It can also improve the likelihood that they are going to explore other pages on your website.

How do I make my SEO content engaging?

A great way to keep your content engaging is by including a range of multimedia throughout, this could include infographics, videos, or embedded tweets or Facebook status’. This ensures that your audience is not just staring at a block of text when they visit your page, which could prove quickly overwhelming, meaning that they leave your site for something more accessible.

Also, try to avoid industry-related terms when you can, or if you have to use them, be sure to provide a quick definition afterwards. Avoiding alienating your audience means that they can quickly understand what you are talking about, so they won’t become frustrated and, again, look for a source that can inform them in a better way.

Ensure your content reads well

You should always make sure that anyone who is potentially interested in your service can easily digest the information you are providing. This is not only through a simplified choice of words though, as making sure your copy makes sense grammatically is just as important.

If grammar is not your strong point – yet you have a passion for what you’re writing about – then there are some excellent content optimisation tools out there that quickly point out grammatical errors, including Grammarly and Hemingway Editor.

This gives your content a flow that will allow your audience to easily read through and understand what you are saying, without stopping to make sense of something that is grammatically incorrect.

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