How To Optimise Your TikTok for Business

TikTok has become a global phenomenon and social media giant with a billion monthly active users from around the world. Business owners can leverage its unique short-form video content to hit new demographics and, by extension, new customers. Data shows that 47.4% of US TikTok users are below the age of 30, which is an up-and-coming generation with a

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TikTok has become a global phenomenon and social media giant with a billion monthly active users from around the world. Business owners can leverage its unique short-form video content to hit new demographics and, by extension, new customers. Data shows that 47.4% of US TikTok users are below the age of 30, which is an up-and-coming generation with a lot of spending power. 

This should be an essential part of the business strategy and not an afterthought assigned to an intern. Read on for the best tips and tricks on how to optimise your TikTok account for your business.

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Why Should Your Business Consider Using TikTok?

Like with any social media platform, it is a value-added proposition. The work you put into it pays many dividends through engagement and reaching new audiences. The ways you can leverage it are to:

· Create Brand Awareness

It puts your business in front of more eyes, and if you link it to your storefront, it allows for a one-click experience for the customers of your brand. Consistency is key, though, in terms of posting schedule, messaging, and availability to increase brand awareness as you create short videos.

· Promote Products

The unique content of the TikTok community allows you to briefly describe each product, perhaps with a fancy twist in the video. You can use the videos to spotlight different parts of the catalogue to your viewers, and it also gives a platform to promote sales and deals. Bonus points if your marketing hits the viral part of the algorithm.

· Enlarge Your Audience

Each day millions of people from around the globe watch their feed. Take advantage of your posted videos to cross global borders and enlarge your viewing audience. Using TikTok’s strengths, you can convert viewers into loyal customers. Responding to comments and posts shows your investment in your audience as well.

· Attract New Customers

In the same vein, having an international audience helps you by attracting new demographics and sales markets for a wider set of buyers.

How to Use TikTok for Your Business

TikTok is about the unique experience. Try something that no one else has done before, or make yourself available to your customers by bringing them into your office or warehouse. Most of all, be authentic. Then make sure you are adopting all of TikTok’s affordances and content trends. Viral video fads come and go, so be sure to jump in on trending hashtags and trends.

· Partner with Influencers
Viewers like to see new stuff all the time, and they also want a strong showing. Partner with influencers to demonstrate the power of your brand. Or collaborate with other creators by encouraging each other to share user-generated content through the use of your own TikTok hashtags.

Make sure you adjust the privacy settings so that you are visible to everyone. Also, it is imperative to find an influencer whose style and reach are in alignment with your brand and agreed-upon guidelines. Remember to give them creative space for their talents.

TikTok mega-influencers have a higher engagement rate than other social media platforms, with mega-rates of 4.96% on TikTok, 1.21% on Instagram, and 0.37% on YouTube. So take advantage of their high follower count to draw those same viewers as a new customer!

· Create Unique Content
Take the time to research trends. With millions of videos on TikTok, it can be hard to stand out. Use your marketing TikTok strategy to find new ways to create unique and relevant videos different from what everyone else is doing. 

Also, leverage the content publishing features by adding music and effects to get traction for your videos. The tools are a powerful set of affordances for in-app editing to demonstrate content to your customers..

Write a description—limited to 150 characters—tag collaborators, and add links. You will want to avoid overly scripted videos. Business TikToks are all about sharing those raw, unedited moments that make your brand relatable and engaging. Sharing your excitement about new product launches or reaching a milestone is a fantastic idea for content generation.

One set of affordances is TikTok’s editing features. To add sound, hit Add Sound on the recording screen, and you can see a library of clips in categories like trending, recommended, and genres. You can save sounds you like to the Favourites tab to use later. There is also extensive use of templates and effects such as overlays, interactive effects, and filters.

· Try Out New Methods of Engagement
On top of your own videos, it is also a great idea to pay for targeted advertisements which are shown during videos. These include brand takeover ads, in-feed ads, and TopView ads. That is particularly helpful as viewers go from video to video so it reaches more at a time.

Use TikTok hashtag challenges and social media contests to keep potential customers engaged and drive traffic. As part of the marketing schedule, pay attention to usage behaviour by targeting video uploads when the most viewers are active. This leads to a higher chance of making it to the discover page.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Start by customising your profile to be engaging and stand out, but make sure you are staying on-brand. Link to your website from your TikTok profile—and on your website, link back to your social media pages for internet synergy. 

Make TikTok videos a key part of your marketing strategy by having a liberal use of relevant hashtags. You can also take advantage of how Google indexes video content. The affordances work for you as you make a TikTok for business strategy.

To drive traffic, go ahead and embed your videos where you can. Create what is known as a “tunnel” to keep viewers engaged; link a video to a page for the next video in the sequence or with new content. Leverage analytical plugins and apps to see what is working and what isn’t. Keep clear goals in mind and tailor all content toward that to eliminate wasteful noise.

The proper timing of these videos should generally be under one minute. Based on the research done by the experts at Celebian, shorter videos increase the viewing completion rate. The completion rate in turn triggers the algorithm to show more of your content.


If you need help making a highly effective TikTok for business strategy, contact us here at Paramount for assistance right now!


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