What is Google Search Partners and Display Network?


Google Search Partners is a network of pages and businesses that show Google Ads.

When you set up an Ad campaign on Google you can set it to either only show you Ads on Google’s search results page, or you can choose to have it also display with these search partners and display networks.

The idea behind them is that you can get your Ad in front of a bigger audience than just those who would find you by doing a Google search.

You don’t have to sign up to use this display network for your Ad campaign, if you do your Ad will appear on partner sites like eBay or Amazon as well as directory and results pages along with other parts of Google like Shopping, Maps and Images.

As with all your Google Ad campaign decisions, whether or not to use search partners and display network comes down mostly to your budget and whether you’ll generate a high enough ROI to justify the decision.

Some of these networks have a higher cost per conversion (which could eat into your budget and profits).


How can I make the most of search partners?

If you do want to get your Google Ads in front of a bigger audience (at least to experiment to see if it’s worth it) there are a few things you can do.

One, review keyword performance. If a network isn’t doing well for your Ad it could be that the keyword is too broad. Broad keywords tend to have less results from a conversion stand point across the board.

You could just segment your Ad campaign based on display network and then you can monitor whether your keywords are performing and which aren’t getting you any return.

You could also review your search partner results based on devices. You might find that keywords are performing well on partner searches when customers are using a mobile, but not when they are using their desktop.

This would at least give you an insight into the different factors that could be impacting your performance – whether positively or negatively.

However, you can’t actually see the specific placements of your Ads on the Google partner network (which is one of the downsides of using them) so there will be a certain amount of educated guessing when it comes to judging the performance.


What if I want to exclude search partners?

If you do see that your search partners campaigns aren’t performing as you want, you can stop your Ads from appearing on them.

Google Ads automatically include search partners in your search network campaigns, so you’ll just need to untick the option on the campaign set up screen.

You can also exclude search partners from campaigns you’re already running by unticking them from the campaign settings.

However, what you could do is duplicate a Google Ad campaign just for search partners, and set bids for keywords at a much lower level than your current campaign.

That means Google’s search network won’t pick them up, and you can continue running your current Ads that are performing well.

You just have to be careful not to pause your new Google search campaign as you could then send your traffic to the second campaign and you’ll be in the same position as you were at the start.


Experiment and improve

As with anything to do with online advertising, on Google or any other platform, you should set aside some budget for experimentation and analysis.

The only way to figure out if a campaign is going to work, is to do your research, write the best copy you can and then set the campaign live.

You’ll then just need to monitor the results and improve the campaign as you go based on the data you get back.


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