With 30% of E-Commerce websites opting to use the platform of WooCommerce it is increasingly becoming the most actively used E-Commerce answer. The platform of WooCommerce was designed to transition WordPress into an E-Commerce platform and as a result, has retained many of the simple qualities that WordPress carries. Paramount Digital offers an unparallelled WooCommerce SEO service taking unpolished websites and transforming them into the most successful in their profession.


Issues with WooCommerce

Product descriptions

If operating on a WooCommerce platform for your website, ensuring the product descriptions contain keywords and phrases are essential. Without this optimised content your customers will struggle to find you within the billions of pages on the internet!


Google crawls its pages and the URL make-up is an integral aspect of Google’s review process when indexing search results. WooCommerce websites with skilfully optimised URL structures will be determined as more authoritative than those without and therefore rank higher within Google’s search pages.

Site speed

Studies have shown that for every second a WooCommerce homepage takes to load, the conversion rate of that website drops by 7%. As an E-Commerce plug-in, WooCommerce has the potential to slow the speed of your site down. With the use of SEO techniques and the resources we have available at Paramount Digital, we can ensure that your website loads faster than your competitors.

What we do we do?

Your designated WooCommerce SEO consultant will begin by gaining an understanding of your current website and conducting research on your competitors – identifying areas in which there is scope for improvement.

Our versatile WooCommerce SEO team will then work collectively to produce the most relevant and authoritative content for each page of your website. The experience in digital marketing that we have allows our clients to receive immediate recognition from search engines and results in improved rankings.

The Paramount Digital team not only develop the SEO seen on the page but also give appropriate attention to the more specialised, off-page strategies. Often overlooked by major digital marketing companies, Paramount Digital’s WooCommerce specialists carry out all necessary processes to make the make the SEO for your website the best it can be.

An aspect often ignored is the importance of external links driving new customers to your website. Our years of experience has taught us that these new relevant visitors often result in conversions and a more successful WooCommerce website.

Why Paramount?

The WooCommerce SEO strategy we implement is lightly outlined above but to discover the full extent our SEO team will strive to in order to boost your rankings is difficult to illustrate.

In such a specialised area, we don’t expect our clients to understand their digital marketing at face value, which is why at the conclusion of each month, you will receive an easy to understand E-Commerce SEO report to display the areas we have been working to improve. The report shows the different tools we have used to progress your site as well as the resulting: rankings, traffic, and earnings.

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