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Working at Paramount Digital

Here at Paramount Digital, not only do we look to help our clients achieve more exposure and success, growing their brand due to our digital marketing strategies, but we look to help our team of marketing executives in furthering their own careers too. We make sure that everyone who works at Paramount Digital shares our high standards and always striving for the best for our clients, whilst also making sure that they are always learning and keeping up to date of the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

This is consistent whether you have been working in the field for all of your career, or if you are just starting out with a dream to become an “SEO or PPC guru” like an apprentice we took on in August 2019, Ben Carter.

Ben finished college with this dream and came to us at Paramount needing a place on the first rung of the ladder to achieving what he wants to be. 6 months into his apprenticeship with us, we decided to sit down with Ben and reflect on how his experience working with us has been like so far.

PD: How would you describe your time with us so far?

BC: My experience so far at Paramount has been positive. My colleagues around me are professionals in the industry who are always on hand to help so my knowledge can grow. Working in Paramount is enjoyable, there is a great energy in the office where at times we can joke and have fun, but we know when we need to get down to work, the balance is great for me to learn and expand my knowledge.

PD: Have you learned a lot about digital marketing whilst you’ve been working with us?

BC: My colleagues working around me are professionals in the industry so along with picking up information from my apprenticeship course with Arch and Google Squared I also gain key takeaways from my colleague’s experience. I complete regular on and offsite SEO tasks to optimise our clients sites daily along with improving traffic and rankings.

By completing these daily tasks my knowledge of SEO continues to grow along with completing my projects for Arch and submitting group modules with Google squared after researching industries etc. The world of digital marketing is great to learn about, as you can watch your actions achieve direct results over time, showing you that you’re on the right track, and what you’re doing works!

PD: What have you found most interesting about digital marketing?

BC: While working at Paramount I have come to discover the wide and diverse range of clients we work with. Not only do we work across Britain providing SEO we also work with some clients internationally in countries such as Spain and Portugal.

The most interesting part has to be all the different types of industries our clients operate in, we have clients ranging from clothing retailers to cosmetic surgeons, spa and hotel resorts and many more who all receive monthly updates about how their business is improving.

PD: Has anything surprised you about how Paramount do things?

BC: What has surprised me the most at Paramount so far has to be the amount of energy, effort, care and consideration the team puts into their allocated clients. We complete monthly on and offsite SEO tasks to help our clients achieve ultimate exposure and achieve higher rankings.

The tasks consist of adding relevant ALT text to images, gathering backlinks, scheduling and posting guest blogs, submitting directories, uploading content and many more. We ensure that we are always on hand to keep clear, understandable and constant communication with our clients, so they know how we are optimising their digital presence

PD: What is the working environment like at Paramount?

BC:  Paramount is a fun, easy-going and all-round enjoyable place to work. Paramount is a relaxed work environment where all the colleagues get along and work together with the client’s needs at the forefront of our efforts. As we have different team’s SEO, PPC, content and web development we often all come together to share new ideas and opportunities.

PD: Have you always felt comfortable to ask for help if you have been unsure on something?

BC: Since the start of my journey at Paramount I have been made to feel nothing but welcome. My fellow colleagues, especially in the SEO department that I work in, have gone out of their way to share their extensive knowledge on the industry with me and allow me to develop my own skills under their wing.

We are happy to have Ben on board with us here at Paramount Digital and look forward to seeing him expand his knowledge about the ever changing world of digital marketing. If you would like to leave your own review about the service we provide then you can do by leaving a Google Business Review. We’d love to hear from you!

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