Paramount Digital are a specialist SEO services agency based in Marbella and it is our task to increase your online presence and to make your E-Commerce business’ website as relevant and authoritative as possible. Through our approach to SEO, we aim to get your business to the top of the search results which are related to your business. We use many on-page and off page SEO techniques to accomplish this:

Content Writing
Blog Writing
Onsite Copy
Meta Data
Heading Tags
Alt Attributes

Link Building
Guest Posts
Internal Links Building
Social Mentions

It is also part of our role to improve website usability, load speed and conversions to ensure users interact with your website. This is all tracked in our real-time reporting software giving you access to real-time stats, so you can see how your website is performing online from your phone.

As a Marbella Digital Marketing Agency, our aim is to provide a successful SEO approach that is tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Paramount Digital offer a range of SEO Marbella services, which can be seen below:

  • Local – We provide SEO in Marbella for businesses which are targeting customers in a specific location or want to target their local audience.
  • International – For Marbella businesses who wish to expand to other countries outside of Spain and reach international customers.
  • Auditing – Find out what needs improving on your website and how we can do it.
  • E-commerce – For Spanish companies who sell their stock online and require progress for their product listings in Google search results.
  • Mobile – SEO Marbella for businesses who wish to have an improved mobile presence or to attract an increased number of mobile viewers.
  • New Website – Achieve results from the launch of your new website with our Digital Marketing Marbella

SEO agency based in Spain

After much success with our many UK-based clients, Paramount Digital spotted a gap in the Spanish market for SEO services. With several Marbella businesses already among our clientele, we opted to expand further into the market by providing Digital Marketing to more and more companies in the area.

Amongst our original clients who have used our SEO Marbella services were businesses from the real estate, retail and cosmetics industries. Through our work with these businesses, we have been able to showcase our marketing strategy to firms across the Costa Del Sol.

Our aim, through our digital marketing in Marbella, is to bring further success to an increased number of Spanish businesses.

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital digital marketing tool for any Marbella business that is aiming to grasp an online audience or is looking to increase their online profile.

Successful Marbella SEO moves your business onto the front pages of Google search results and in turn, brings increased traffic to your website. This should then lead to an improvement in sales which would bring increased income into your business.

SEO is constantly changing and developing meaning that staying ahead of the competition is a must for any successful digital marketing agency in Spain. Paramount Digital understand how to deliver results and then maintain them in line with SEO developments.

Google My Business for Localised Marbella Searches

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service which delivers you with the ability to list your Marbella business location on Google Maps and to appear within local search results.

Key information about your business such as the address, opening hours and contact details, are displayed along with a link to your website. You can now even link your Google My Business page to posts from your site to attract further interest to your listing.

The listing should be considered a necessity by all businesses based in Spain even if you currently do not have an online presence as the page can provide extra benefits such as directions to your shop or business location for example.

Improve Your Businesses Local Search Visibility

Search queries are being increasingly specific to a location and Google systems have been developed to take into account the intent of the user. A Google My Business listing is an effective yet simple way for your company to be found online.

As an example, consider this. Most of us will at one point or another have used Google to search for ‘restaurants near me’. Google will then produce a list of three restaurants for you based on your location. If you were a local restaurant who did not have a Google My Business page, then there is no chance of you appearing on that list. However, for the three restaurants that did show, they are already one step ahead when it comes to potentially attracting a new customer.

It is important to consider the local context of your Marbella business and the service that you provide.

Optimising Your Google Local Page

Once your GMB page is set up you must then make sure that it is optimised, and that you have provided the correct information for the listing.

After a search is complete and people come across your listing they will then seek to find out more information about your business in Marbella, which is why it is imperative that you aim to make your listing as detailed as possible.

If you have an outdated phone number or an inaccurate address for your business premises, then it will be hard for people to communicate with you and difficult for them to find your business which will lead them to take their custom elsewhere.

Why does my Marbella business need SEO?

If you need information on a topic or you have a problem you cannot solve, a search engine like Google is what you will use to find out the relevant information or correct answer.

Once the results have appeared it is not often that you will continue to browse any further after looking at the first page. This exactly how your Marbella customers will behave, therefore if potential customers cannot even find your website, it will be impossible to attract them to your site. This is why SEO Marbella is so important for the success of your business.

The first step Paramount Digital take is to understand who your ideal customer is and to recognise how your customers will look for your business online using a search engine. Then for the first month we perform keyword research and conduct any necessary changes to the meta title and descriptions on your website.

The second month of our Digital Marketing Marbella sees us continue to optimise your on-site SEO. This can be done by incorporating first-rate inbound links from authoritative domains and from pages which are pertinent to your industry. This is done to help to increase the domain authority of your website and promote an upsurge in your rankings and hits on your site.

Measuring the success of our SEO Marbella work

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Marbella, here at Paramount Digital, we use several key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure that the work we are doing has been successful and then where we can further improve on it.

An SEO tactic that worked for one business may not work for another which is why we tailor our approach to the needs of each business that we work with. This is also why KPIs are so important for tracking the success of our SEO work in Marbella.

Amongst the KPIs we use to measure the work we are doing on your behalf are ranking report, analytics, real-time updates and conversion tracking. These all allow us to monitor the success of your campaign. To precisely measure how successful an SEO Marbella campaign is, we must first identify what our objectives are and the steps we need to take in order to achieve those particular goals.

KPIs will give us warnings if campaigns are not producing the results that we desire and also notify us of areas that we are excelling in. If it is the case where parts of the operation are not working as we would like, we then use the KPIs to determine how to adjust our SEO approach to get the correct results.

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