10 questions to ask an SEO Agency


Succeeding in the online marketplace can be a difficult prospect, and selecting the right SEO agency could be the key ingredient your business needed.
In order to stand out from your competitors, its increasingly becoming a necessity to incorporate an SEO strategy. Selecting an honest, hard-working team is essential in this ever-changing online universe.

Whether you’re a new business just learning the basics of SEO, or an established company who has been on the receiving end of a lack of attention from deceitful marketing companies- this guide should help you through the process of choosing an SEO agency that suits your business.

whats your SEO strategy?

The SEO industry is continually changing, and your SEO company need to be continually pro-active to ensure that their SEO strategy is up to date and the best it can possibly be to get your web pages as high up SERP’s for chosen keywords and phrases.

Your SEO agency should work tirelessly to improve your Google rankings, but this work can be without reward without the appropriate SEO strategy.

At Paramount Digital, the process without clients begins with a Free Bespoke Technical audit. One of our experienced SEO consultants will review your E-commerce or Brochure website from a technical viewpoint, identifying the current problems that would not be recognised by the untrained eye.

Your designated SEO specialist will identify the same problems Google recognises, therefore giving you the best opportunity to be seen, indexed and ranked as highly as possible. Following your technical audit, your SEO specialist will consult Paramount Digital’s multidisciplinary team to evaluate the best SEO strategy and avenues to execute it.

do you track progress and how?

As SEO isn’t necessarily something that can be physically seen, it is often difficult for business owners to appreciate the progress being made if they aren’t given the appropriate information. it is vitally important for business owners to be able to see the results your SEO agency is producing- ensure this is the case before signing up with an agency.

At Paramount Digital, as a results-driven company, through the use of Google Analytics, we track various trends for your website. We track the number of users, conversions, time spent on each page and even use live recordings and heat tracking maps to discover which areas of your website need SEO improvement. As the business owner, you will receive a monthly report outlining how your website is doing, with a detailed explanation of each section if you aren’t sure of the specific terminology. The report also reveals the work that has been completed on your website for that previous month so you can keep up to date with your SEO progress.

what kind of SEO do you do?

In the digital marketing world, SEO can be divided into two distinctive categories, white hat, and black hat. White hat SEO is considered to be the best practice and refers to the correct processes being carried out to achieve the highest possible Google rankings. However, black hat SEO refers to companies who essentially attempt to cheat their way to the top. Black hat practices include using irrelevant spam links, hidden text, and links, as well as the over optimisation of your content with too many keywords. As Google becomes more sophisticated, these black hat practices are becoming less effective and lazy search engine optimisation teams are now being found out- but it’s the business owners who are suffering!

With a team including qualified journalists, graphic designers, and SEO experts Paramount Digital take pride in their work. Collaboratively producing the best websites in the UK, the years of experience among our SEO specialists allows them to be the best in the business. A common mistake is the over-optimisation of content but here at Paramount, we ensure your webpages are engaging and relevant, whilst still being recognised by Googles crawlers.

how will you optimise our content?

Although the various components of SEO are very important, the content on your page is the most important- the best SEO strategies will fall short without the best content marketing. The optimisation of content includes any text on your site from the information about your company on the homepage, to the individual descriptions of your products and services on your E-Commerce website.

As discussed earlier, at Paramount Digital our team consists of a host of qualified journalists and content writers, and after years of experience dealing with SEO, are now perfectly equipped to take on the content marketing of various businesses. Our content marketing team incorporate blogs into our client’s websites- adding another platform, and more opportunity for SEO on your site.

have you worked with a business like mine before?

When working with an SEO company, you want to ensure that they have previously dealt with businesses similar to your own. One of the best ways to decide if an SEO agency is capable of handling your websites needs is if they have already achieved positive results for a company much like yours.

Paramount Digital has worked with various E-commerce websites and brochure websites. During your free consultation with one of our SEO specialists, your SEO consultant will present results from previous clients much like your own. We have successfully improved the rankings for hundreds of businesses so it is likely we have the skillset to reach your goals too!

Will you make technical changes to the website?

This all depends on the current condition of your website. SEO does not just include the content that you can see on the page, but some coding and technical changes may need to be made for the benefit of your rankings and general functionality of the website.

Our in-house team of SEO specialists has dealt with hundreds of websites, and more often than not the off-page SEO is detrimental to the current ranking of E-commerce websites. Our team will advise to adjust certain areas within your website, as well as making suggestions regarding the design, functionality, and layout of your web pages. The way a website looks can be crucial and SEO factor such as load speed can have a huge effect on the number of customers turning to conversions when visiting your website. For example, if the coding on your website is causing the site speed to slow down- this can be one of the biggest deterrents for customers in an age where the average human attention span is just 12 seconds.

will you share the changes you make with me?

It is commonplace for SEO agencies to sign up clients and once under contract, keep minimal contact. At Paramount Digital, we continually liaise with our clients to ensure that continual adjustments and improvements to their websites are appreciated not only by search engines but by the business owner too. Regular meetings are available, and your designated SEO specialist is only ever a phone call away.

what are your fees and payment terms and what happens after our work together?

Before working with an SEO agency it is important to outline the fees and payment terms with your chosen SEO agency. it is also of huge importance to identify where your SEO agency stands if you choose to terminate your contract. Some digital marketing companies that provide SEO services will remove any content they have provided or remove adjustments if a business owner decided they no longer wish to work together.

At Paramount Digital, we don’t tie our clients into lengthy contracts but instead, work on a month-by-month basis. We exercise this process as if we continue to provide more traffic, higher conversions and better rankings we feel it warrants clients to continue to want to work with us.

How soon will my website rank #1 on Google?

This is probably the most important question to ask when meeting with a potential SEO agency as an honest SEO company should not be able to give you a time-frame for this goal. in essence, Google has no guarantees and increasing your rankings is a constant competition and therefore it is impossible to guarantee your website will reach #1 spot. Google updates its algorithms 500 to 600 times a year meaning that of course there are predictions but in the SEO world, there are no guarantees.

At Paramount Digital, your dedicated SEO specialist will review your current rankings and suggest potential improvements. As it is difficult to predict, no promises regarding reaching the top of Google rankings will be made- we feel our figures speak for themselves.

Why should we hire your company?

You will be able to discover a lot form a company and their ethos by asking why you should work with them. Those who give time frames on your improved rankings and those who simply can’t fathom an answer are ones to steer clear of. At Paramount Digital we ensure that our multidisciplinary team will work hard and ensure your website progresses. We can guarantee reliable reporting and the success of our previous clients suggests we get results!

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