Google Testing Grouped Mobile Search Results from Same Domain


Grouped Results Within Google’s Mobile Search Results

Yesterday, our own Andrew Gillespie noticed that some Google search results on Mobile were showing grouped results from the same domain. That’s one box for two results as opposed to two separate boxes for the two results from one domain.

This isn’t something Google is rolling out to all users globally, by the way, it’s just something they’re testing out to a select number of users as they do with search layout variations, etc. on a continuous bases. I wasn’t able to replicate it on my own device, but Andrew was able to perform multiple searches on his device and got the grouped results almost every time.

Here’s what it looks like:

Harley Street Grouped Results

Client: Harley Street Smile Clinic

As you can see it doesn’t really reduce the amount of real estate taken up on the page, but it does make it more obvious to the user that the result is from the same domain. It looks pretty good and makes sense.

Here are some videos of different grouped results:

This was first noticed on November 12th by Twitter user, Valentin Pletzer, and later reported on by Search Engine Roundtable although Barry Schwartz wasn’t able to replicate the search results on his end.

Here’s the tweet:

In Valentin’s example there are 4 results grouped together, however this would likely be an exception to the rule of Google usually only displaying a maximum of two results per domain for the majority of searches.

Will Google Roll This Out Globally?

Maybe, some day.

But it’s worth noting that they run endless A/B tests such as this every year and 99% of them are never seen by the majority of their users. It’s definitely interesting to see, though, to see how the biggest search engine is thinking.

Personally, I think this one will be rolled out eventually because it makes sense for users.

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