5 types of businesses that desperately need SEO


Search engine optimisation has developed massively over recent years and is no longer perceived as the technologically-heavy strategy for niche markets that it once was. SEO of today is much simpler and should be incorporated into most businesses.

Despite this, there are still certain businesses that can more easily implement SEO, and see the benefits of SEO services, compared to others. the following examples suit SEO strategy so well, that if companies in the suggested markets didn’t employ SEO– they are likely to get swallowed up by the competition. If your business falls into any of the following categories, then we would advise seeking SEO services as soon as possible:

Just starting out

As a company just starting out, you will have two primary issues that could potentially hinder the launch of your business. To begin, you have little if any visibility to the online world. Your brand has had little exposure and driving this can be difficult in the early days of any company. Coupled with your relatively low exposure, your new or local businesses are likely to have a limited budget, therefore large-scale marketing campaigns are not a realistic prospect.

Luckily, at Paramount Digital, we provide excellent SEO services for local and start-up companies. Only billed of the time spent on your website, and not having a contract looming over your head, we are the best option for your SEO needs. If you know what you are doing, SEO is simple, and therefore will not take a lot of money to make an impact on your rankings and online presence.

Bespoke Shops

Local bespoke shops are some of the best you can find yet appear to be struggling in the modern era. in the modern technological world where large franchise brands and huge online stores are dominating, local businesses can find it difficult to gain deserved recognition. Local SEO is more vital than ever and employing the right Local SEO agency could be pivotal to the success of your company.

At Paramount Digital we specialise in Local SEO Services, transforming hundreds of local businesses into forces to be reckoned with in the E-commerce SEO world.


Visibility can cause a huge problem for contractors as they often do not possess a brand to discuss at length. SEO services cost-effective qualities coupled with the prospect of building user reviews and therefore local ranking- makes it the ideal strategy.


like that of contractors, professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists don’t have a brand to speak of, yet usually rely on their personal reputation to drum up business. However, the implementation of an SEO strategy has been known to increase client bases by hundreds if not thousands. SEO is perfect for businesses in industries like this as most people use search engines to find practitioners.

To put it more simply, imagine you were in a new city and were looking to find a lawyer, doctor or even barbers- the first thing most people do is to go on the mobile phone and enter the desired service into Google. If your business is at the top- you’re going to be getting a lot more clients through the door.

Competitive Industry

If you own a brand that is in a competitive market, then your business probably requires SEO services more so than any other. If you have close competitors, then conducting good SEO could be the difference between the success or detriment of your company. In essence, if other brands are producing similar products or services to you, it is in your best interest to speak to an SEO agency if you wish to rank above them among search engines.

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