10 SEO fixes to Improve your Google Ranking


Add Alt Tags

Adding alt tags not only improves the usability of your website for visitors but also gives it a better chance of ranking higher among search engines. Adding Alt tags gives your images an easily accessible short description of what the image is. However, this isn’t the primary benefit of adding alt tags to your images. Google recognises content with images as being more engaging than content without, but it can’t actually see them. Giving images an alt tag tells Google what that image is, and if it includes keywords, will increase the webpages SEO significantly.


Headings are essential to any webpage and particularly blog posts should contain at least one heading within the body of the text, if not more. Google recognises headings as a key indicator for SEO because they essentially describe what is coming up in the next section of the text. Google will be aware that the content that follows the heading is going to discuss the topic referred to in the heading, a massive plus from an SEO standpoint.

Title Tag

Title tags, more commonly known as page titles are thought to be one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Aside from that, it also has prominent importance as it is the name of the result that is displayed in search engines.

When optimising your title tag, it is of vital importance that it contains longtail keywords but remains easy to understand for readers. Paramount Digital also recommend ensuring keywords are toward the front of the title and that title tags are kept from 54-64 characters long.

URL Structure

Google pays particular attention to URL’s and for that reason, it is of priority to ensure your URLs contain keywords. When creating your URLs avoiding using words like “and”, “or”, “of” as these words are considered low-value words. Keeping these words out of your URLs will ensure your URL structure is of the highest quality possible.

Meta Description

The meta description is the information that appears below the title tag when your web pages appear on search engine results pages. Including keywords in your meta description will give your page the best chance of ranking possible, as well as informing your customers of what the webpage contains.

Content Spam

Search engines are now savvy enough to recognise when content writers are tailoring their content for SEO purposes and overloading your content with keywords. In the same respect, they are also able to recognise high-quality content designed for humans. Writing high-quality content while subtly implementing SEO techniques is the best way to ensure you are recognised by search engines and appreciated by customers.


It is becoming increasingly noticeable that Google gives recognition to websites that continually update their content. At Paramount Digital, we recommend that you incorporate a blog into your website. Blogging is the easiest way to consistently post relevant information regarding your products and services and as a result, get the highest possible return on investment for lead conversions.

Duplicate Content

Google will recognise duplicate content, whether it be on your own website or from another website in the same discipline. Ensuring that content isn’t duplicated is essential to the SEO of your website and in turn, essential to your bottom line.


Recently Google enforced the algorithms that made mobiles its primary device and as a result, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is essential to its SEO. If you want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, call Paramount Digital to speak with an SEO expert.

404 Errors

If your webpage is found online, the last thing that you want to happen is for a potential customer to be lead to a ‘404 error page’. It will infuriate your visitors and likely result in them leaving your website, never to return. Solve this problem by redirecting these pages to web pages with relevant information for a massive SEO win.

If you think your website could benefit from some Local SEO expert advice, Paramount Digital is the reliable SEO firm for you. Submit an online form to receive a free in-depth analysis or call us on 01744 881876 to speak with an expert directly.

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