Copywriting tips to create highly effective PPC marketing ads


PPC marketing can go one of two ways.

It can be a big success and generate great results relatively quickly (compared to organic results).

Or it can be a nightmare and a sure way to relieve yourself of your digital marketing budget.

There’s a lot that goes into a PPC marketing campaign – just like any form of marketing or advertising.

But like all advertising, ever, much of the success or failure will come down to the quality of your advertising copy.

Yes, you need to target the right people, but even finding the right audience won’t do you any good if your ads don’t make any impact.

Here we’ll give you some of our copywriting tips that will help you start to create highly effective PPC marketing ads.


Focus on your audience’s problems, not your product

We’re bombarded everyday with adverts telling us how great this product is, or how amazing that company is.

And that’s a problem.

Way too many PPC ads focus on the company behind them, and not the audience they’re aimed at.

It’s an unsettling thought that your customers don’t care about your company.

But most don’t.

They’re looking to solve a problem.

Your PPC ad should help them understand how you can help them solve it.

Is your customer looking to buy a new car? How can you help them?

Do they need to automate their accounting function? Tell them how you’ll help.


Use numbers to demonstrate results and benefits

Ever seen an advert that offers to streamline your business’ processes?

Any idea what that really means?

Us neither.

But an advert that says you could see a 35% increase in productivity would get your attention.

You’d click that ad to figure out how.

Or an advert that offered to save you 50% on a service.

Or generate 70% more leads for your business

That would get your attention wouldn’t it.

Using numbers makes it easy for your customers to understand the benefits you offer.


Talk directly to your audience

Remember, your ads are targeted at people.

You’re trying to create a reaction in them, and the best way is to generate a personal response from them – that means creating a connection.

“You could save 20%”, sounds more personal than “people could save”.

“Get 75% more customers for your business” sounds more personal than “businesses could get more leads”.


Create an emotional response

The best ads are those which create emotion in your audience, rather than just give them information.

It could be the fear of missing out.

Or you could make them feel optimistic about the possibility of choosing you as their supplier.

Or anxious that they need to take action or risk falling behind the competition. 

Whatever you choose, by creating emotion in your audience you’re much more likely to get a response out of them.


Use keywords

This is where digital ad copy becomes a bit more technical than traditional content.

If you want your ads to get found by the right people, you need to focus on keywords or phrases that they’re using.

If you use the wrong keywords, you’ll get found in irrelevant searches and waste a lot of your ad spend.

Any traffic you do generate won’t convert.

But if you get found by the right people making relevant searches, you’ll generate more traffic and increase your chances of winning new business.


Use all the ad space you’ve got

People talk a lot about being concise with advertising copy.

And you should be concise with your messaging.

But this isn’t the same thing as not using up all the space you’ve got to work with.

If you bought a full page ad in a newspaper, you wouldn’t only use up half the space you’re paying for would you?

So why wouldn’t you use all the space available for your digital ads?

Google gives you 30 characters each for your H1,2 and 3, as well as 90 characters for each description.

Make use of every character to get your message across.


Have a consistent style

Have you ever seen an advert and you just know what the company is?

That’s because they’ve taken time to create a style and tone for their advertising that makes them stand out and distinguishable from the competition.

Yes, you don’t have the same luxury of styling a Google Ad in the same way you would a 15second TV ad, but creating a consistent style and tone, that gets across why you’re different, will help your ads stand out.


Use a clear Call to Action

You don’t have to rely on the age old “call now” or “get in touch today” for your call to action, but you need something.

A call to action is what you need to get your customers to take the action you want them to.

Namely, to click on your ad to get them through to a landing page so they can join or sign up or buy something.

Think about those emotional responses you’re trying to generate.

CTAs starting with “Save”, “Earn”, “Create” or “Join” could be better alternatives to try.


Test your ad copy

As good as your copy is, you can never be 100% sure which messages will work until your ads have gone live.

Some will work straight away.

Some will need to be nuanced and changed until you find the right words.

So you need to test your ads, and use the data you get back to understand which messages are working, which designs are having the best reactions and which CTAs are getting the best responses.

And you need to do this consistently.


Get the benefits up front

Advertising copywriting should follow the same format as a news story.

All the important information should be at the start so your reader can easily, quickly understand what they’re getting.

PPC ads will go by quickly as your audience scrolls through web pages so you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.


Don’t fill your ads with jargon

As we’ve said, you only have a limited number of characters to use and a short window of time to grab your audience’s attention.

If you fill your ads with jargon that only a fraction of your audience will understand, you’re going to lose a lot of potential traffic and leads.

Your ads aren’t a chance for you to show off how smart you are or how big your vocabulary is.

You’re trying to get attention.

So use clear, concise language and leave the big words for those Christmas games of Scrabble.


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