What is Google Shopping?

Google shopping, formerly known as Product Listing Ads, is a service provided by Google that allows its users to search and compare similar products online. This allows customers to distinguish differing prices, delivery time and reviews from a range of online stores, making Google Shopping a necessity for online retailers. With the use of both Google AdWords and Google Merchant, online stores can now present their products to potential customers from the beginning of their search.

Google Shopping Ads appear in SERPs just like any other Google Ads do. However, different to ads of the past, Google shopping ads provide information such as price, product name, availability alongside an image of the item in question. These products can then be purchase directly from the search results of Google!

Research into this particular branch of PPC advertising has shown that Google Shopping Ads are producing higher click-through rates (CTRs) and higher rates of conversion, despite being at a reduced cost per click when compared to other PPC advertising methods.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

With the experience of working with a variety of established and new businesses, our Google Shopping team are sure to give your brand an online presence.

The Google Shopping Campaign provided by one of our Google Shopping Experts will result in:

Google Shopping Ads provide better leads

When you provide relevant and reliable product information, Google Shopping Ads will offer more quality leads. Through the information that you provide for online customers, visitors will land on your page with a high intent to purchase. Even when shoppers don’t recognise your brand name, if an appropriate image is coupled with strong ratings and pricing, your Google Advertising has a great chance of converting.

Clicking on the Google Shopping Ad will bring the customer directly to the product as shown on your website. As the customer is being brought to your actual website, you now have the opportunity to entice them top venture to other web pages on your site and potentially make even more purchases.

Developing Online Presence

Regardless of the size of your business, having your products appear above organic search results at the top of SERPs is an incredibly attractive possibility. Whether customers are familiar with your brand or not is somewhat irrelevant as your products will be shown whenever Google matches your keywords with a user’s search.

As your Google Shopping Ads will appear above the organic search results, Google Shopping is a sure-fire way to vastly improve your online presence. Your online presence isn’t being improved to just any random web user. As the products are shown based on user’s searches, you will only be shown to relevant, potential customers.

Google Shopping is easy to Manage

Google Shopping Ads are much simpler than text advertisers as they completely eradicate the keyword selection and bidding process. Instead, Google calculates the relevant keywords based on your product data feed.

When it comes to Google Shopping, you simply send your product data to Google, who in turn, do the work of matching keywords to your products. As a result, Google Shopping requires much less time an effort when compared with Google Adwords, where you need to research for the keywords yourself.

Wider Audience with Google Shopping

If you opt to employ a Google Shopping Campaign, it allows for your ads to be shown more than once for searches related to the product in question. Also, as Google is essentially selecting the words you are showing for, your Google Shopping Ad may be present for search terms you weren’t aiming to target. Exact matches aren’t necessary and Google is continually developing its ability to recognise synonyms.

Why Paramount Digital?

Google Shopping is the quickest way to get your website noticed among Googles search results, with unrivalled measurability. However, setting up Google Shopping can pose difficulty and usually entails a variety of obstacles. For that reason and many more, it is advised that you work with a PPC agency if implementing Google shopping. The Google Shopping Experts at Paramount Digital are masters at researching, developing new ideas and adjusting campaigns to ensure that ROI is maximised.

If youre thinking about adding a Google Shopping campaign to your multi-channel E-commerce approach, don’t hesitate in speaking to Google shopping experts at Paramount Digital. Our years of experience and portfolio of successful cases make us a leading Google Shopping Agency. Get your free in-depth consultation today and call 01744 881876.

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