What is Google’s Penguin Penalty?

Google’s Penguin Penalty was first implemented in 2012, one year after Google’s Panda Penalty was introduced. The penguin penalty was launched to spot disingenuous link profiles- For example, irrelevant links that have been paid for.

if black hat SEO like this is noticed by Google, it can be detrimental to your websites rankings for long periods of time as recovery may not be noticed for up to a year when the next Penguin refresh occurs.

Why Paramount Digital?

If you’re website has incurred a Penguin Penalty then the process of it being removed may not only be time-consuming but can also prove to be very difficult. this is where the SEO experts at Paramount Digital can assist you.

Your designated SEO consultant will manually organise all links heading into your website ensuring that Google continues to notice genuine links heading into your website and discounts bad links. Without the know-how of our experts, you may fall into the trap of removing some of the good links heading to your website- further damaging your ranking in Google!

Google Panda Penalty Removal

At Paramount Digital, although every case is individual, the removal of a Penguin Penalty requires a fairly similar process for most. Your SEO consultant will begin by collecting as much data regarding your link profiles as possible. this will determine how much of a problem your website has with potentially 1,000s of links heading to your website without your knowledge.

Once this data has been collected each link can be analysed and classified as toxic bad links that need to be removed, or good links that are benefiting your websites rankings.

Following the completion of the recovery process, our team will advise you on the correct link building processes used to increase traffic coming to your website.

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