What is a Google Panda Penalty?

In 2011, Google’s panda penalty was first applied as Google sent out a clear message that producing engaging and original content would achieve the highest rankings.

The Panda Penalty is the most commonly implemented Google penalty and the algorithm gauges the overall content quality of every page of every website, penalising those with low-quality content and small amounts of content on their websites. Recently, Google’s panda penalty was merged into its main algorithm meaning the content marketing on websites is now one of the primary indicators for Google.

Why Paramount Digital?

At Paramount Digital, whether your website is an E-commerce website or just a brochure website, we can ensure that our SEO experts will vastly improve the content throughout your website. If your website has held the same information for any length of time, then its likely your webpages could be ranking much higher!

Content marketing is a difficult skill and not just a case of putting as much information as possible on each page so dealing with content marketing specialists is essential and we feel were the best in the business!

Google Panda Penalty Removal

To remove a Google Panda Penalty, our team of SEO experts and content marketing specialists will work collaboratively producing a full content audit of your entire website. Your designated SEO consultant will analyse the current content on your website, and compare the quality and quantity in comparison to your competitors. With years of experience behind them, this allows your SEO consultant to identify if your website is suffering from a Panda Penalty from Google or just needs a few tweaks to boost your Google rankings.

Following your content audit, your content marketing specialist and SEO experts will discuss potential changes and improvements that could be made throughout your website so If you would like any advice on Google’s Panda Penalty or are interested in a free consultation call us on 01744 88 1876 or email at

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