A great number of local tradespeople and firms depend on local advertising to spread the word about their work, while others rely on their good reputation and long-standing presence within the community to ensure that people know where to go if they need specialist assistance with repairs, handiwork or various household or construction based jobs. While word of mouth can prove a very successful way to share your good reputation and increase bookings, it’s difficult to ensure that your next prospective clients are speaking to the right people! There is a similar issue with print-based advertising, which can easily be missed or ignored. However, there is another method of selling your products and services that can prove more successful than the two combined. It can improve the performance of your website, your social media platforms and any online content you wish to produce based on in-depth analysis, keyword research, and organic search processes. Not only can this approach help to secure ongoing custom for your company, but the solutions it presents can also ensure that your business continues to develop, succeed and grow to reach the heights you’d always hoped for. Read on to find out more.



SEO Heating Engineers

While it’s usually the case that skilled local heating engineers often enjoy the benefit of regular returning customers due to the nature of their work, it can be very easy to rely on this fact and avoid actively promoting your trade. This can be quite dangerous, as there is always the potential for a dry spell just around the corner! Flyers and van decals will help to a point, but as the world gets more and more saturated with visual advertising, these approaches are quickly becoming easier to ignore. One technique that will not fail you is the application of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves experienced specialists utilising analytics and approaches based on keyword data to make you and your firm more discoverable online. In the majority of cases, the first place that a person will turn when they are in need of some kind of specialist service is to the internet search engines, so it’s a great bonus to be able to ensure that when they start their search, yours is the first company they come across.

SEO Roofers

Relying on continuous demand from your locality – particularly if your usual catchment area is relatively small – can prove a risk for any roofer. Per house, it’s likely that major roofing services will only be required once every twenty to thirty years on average! It’s vitally important, therefore, that you actively promote your work to ensure regular uptake by homeowners across the region. Of course, the nature of your trade means that you’re regularly out and about with very little time to spare to work on your marketing material. Because of this, it’s always possible for your competitors to get the upper hand and attract the trade that might otherwise have gone to you – which can be frustrating and add an element of stress to the day to day running of your business. Search Engine Optimisation, therefore, could prove an extremely valuable investment for you and your company, as it is managed externally by experts. This means that you can continue to deliver the superb service that your clients are accustomed to without losing time, and therefore money, working on your own promotion. Don’t worry – you’ll still have complete control over the process.

SEO Painters

As you may be hired for jobs of different lengths and in different locations, a preference for flexible assistance is certainly natural for painters and decorators. At Paramount Digital, our Search Engine Optimisation experts will work as an extension of your existing team to deliver the exact results you wish for in a manner and at a time specified by you. We’ll be on hand to discuss your requirements and your company’s performance at a time that suits your schedule, and our costs, processes, and results will be shared with you in an honest, transparent and forthcoming manner, to allow you to keep up with both the facts and the progress of our optimisation work. Those who struggle to find time in the day to manage their company’s administrative demands due to a full schedule or a large amount of travelling between sites will benefit greatly from our adjustable and adaptable approach. You can call or email the team at any time between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday and expect a prompt, clear and forthcoming response.

SEO Handyman

Offering a wide variety of specialisms and services is a fantastic way to ensure that you will always be in demand, but the challenge for a handyman comes with promoting each individual practice equally and to the relevant clients. Search Engine Optimisation can help you to achieve this by focusing on the highest performing keywords within each field to ensure that your firm ranks as far as possible towards the top of search results across the board. Paramount Digital ensures that potential customers find their way to you organically, meaning that the traffic that is directed to you with the assistance of Search Engine Optimisation is high quality, not just great in quantity. This means that people looking for a handyman won’t find their way to your site only to discover they want a service that you don’t offer, or that you operate in an area that is too far away for them. You can expect a streamlined approach that connects the right clients with online content that promotes the services you offer that are relevant to their needs, so you can rest assured that the people who are discovering your firm are definitely the ones who would be interested in what it has to offer.

SEO Plasterers

Naturally, as a freelancer or the owner of an independent plastering firm, it’s important to save on overheads where you can, and the same applies to any tradesperson or specialist. Marketing can often be very financially draining, especially on occasions when prices or details of your services have changed and print based promotional materials need to be updated and redistributed. The benefit of choosing Search Engine Optimisation specialists to help improve your online and social media performance is that not only is it a great deal less expensive to adjust information online, but you can also save money right from the start by taking advantage of the in depth digital marketing analysis offered by Paramount Digital for absolutely free, which allows you, and our specialists, to understand how your online information is currently performing and to see exactly how it could be improved.

SEO Joiners

An excellent way to keep a good online following for your trade or practice is to regularly produce high quality content for your website and social media platforms, revealing elements of your new projects or sharing interesting information surrounding the subject. For example, as a joiner, you could garner a great deal of interest by sharing visual step by step “diaries” showing your process of completing the construction of a piece of furniture or fitting, or posting images of beautiful items of furniture or wooden household features. Through Search Engine Optimisation, Paramount Digital can then help to increase the visibility of your posts and ensure that the right people see them, growing your following and making more and more people aware of the quality of the work that you do. We do this by crafting a unique buyer persona of your ideal customer, which helps us and you to identify exactly how your customers use the web and interact with your business online.

SEO Gardeners

The enhancement of the content on our clients’ social media platforms is an aspect of Paramount Digital’s services that gardeners will also find particularly useful. Due to the highly visual nature of this unique trade, improving the public’s access to pictures of your work via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can make a huge difference to your company’s online image and is likely to result in a much greater uptake of your services. Writing blog posts about different techniques and various seasonal options for the garden could be an excellent way to display your expertise, and the ability to produce high quality content for our clients is something in which Paramount Digital takes great pride. That content is then optimised – complete with keywords that make up popular terms used in internet search engines to ensure a high hit rate – to ensure that it is easy and quick to access online and, as a result, your business can build a broad and highly positive presence across social media platforms, blog posts and, of course, your brand’s website.

SEO Tilers

A great tiler is always hugely respected and much sought after. You may have well earned confidence in the standard of your work – along with several excellent reviews and testimonials of your jobs to back this up – but without the correct management of your presence online, it’s very easy for these things to pass under the average prospective clients’ radar. With a little assistance from the team at Paramount Digital, the quality of what you do will shine through not just in the results of each of your projects but also in the results of major internet search engines. It’s absolutely possible for you as an independent specialist, no matter how small your company, to compete with major national retailers and providers with the help of excellent Search Engine Optimisation, as you’ll have specialists on your side who can focus on boosting your performance while you keep delivering the services that generated those write-ups and recommendations in the first place.

Search Engine Optimisation can completely revolutionise the way your firm and its services perform online, and Paramount Digital has the skilled and experienced specialists to make this come true by helping to improve the domain authority of your website and increase its ranking and traffic. Paramount is based in Rainford in St Helens, Merseyside, but we serve businesses all across the UK, and even overseas. We don’t sign our clients up to contracts, because we’re confident that we’ll always be able to produce excellent results that are conducive to long and positive working relationships between ourselves and those who use our services. If you’d like to get in touch with us to find out exactly what we can do for you and your brand image, give us a call today on 01744 88 1876 or email marketing@paramountdigital.co.uk. You can expect a prompt and transparent response. Our team can work according to your preferences and the specifications with which you provide us regarding your ideal results. Our Search Engine Optimisation experts will be more than happy to discuss options for using social media enhancement, content based marketing and Pay Per Click strategies (a method of ensuring that your business shows up on search engine results by creating engaging advertising campaigns and targeting set keywords and search terms) to improve your discoverability online. Paramount Digital can also educate and inform your business on the latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing world, meaning that you can do your bit to prime your online content to attract more traffic yourself. You can also arrange to receive your in depth digital marketing analysis for absolutely free straight away. Our offices are open from 9 am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, so don’t hesitate to start the conversation now!

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