Magento is the leading platform used for E-Commerce websites with 1 in 4 online businesses opting to use Magento SEO. The E-Commerce platform offers powerful marketing, search engine optimisation, and catalog-management tools.

SEO for Magento is of primary importance, after all, higher traffic into a website is what results in increased conversions. Therefore, an in-depth SEO campaign is necessary, and our experienced team of Magento SEO experts at Paramount Digital are perfectly suited to provide that campaign for you.


Issues with Magento

Site Speed

In a mobile orientated world where the speed of a business’ website is of paramount importance when bidding to retain customers, the E-commerce platform of Magento can negatively impact your SEO performance. A slow website not only effects user experience but also impacts the crawlability of the website.

Configurable Products

Most Magento SEO companies use configurable products, and due to the similar content likely to be displayed on these varying pages – Google needs to be made aware that these products are duplicate variants of just one item.

Product Title Tags and Headers

The SEO platform of Magento automatically creates under-optimized, often ambiguous product titles and header tags. In order to get your website ranking as highly as possible, the optimisation of these titles can be of vital importance and this is often overlooked by global digital marketing companies.

Product URLs

Companies using Magento SEO services often only use top-level product URLs, rather than incorporating the varying categories and sub-categories into the URL itself. This creates somewhat of a hierarchy within your website and allows a single product to fit under different categories.

Taking this extra time and attention also ensures there aren’t duplication issues within your website as you will not have multiple variations of one product using the same URL. Each particular product carrying its own URL improves the authority of your website in Google’s eyes and indexation becomes much simpler.

If your website uses faceted navigation or browsing then without the correct SEO advice, duplicate content issues are likely to be rife throughout your Magento website.

One of the most common issues with businesses using the E-commerce platform Magento is that Magento can produce product or category URLs that will return to pages earlier in its path, therefore duplicating URLs produced higher in your website’s hierarchy.

It is also commonplace for Magneto to add a number to the end of your URL and can lead to problems if not detected.

What do we do?

Many of the issues Magento brings to light are easily missed by the untrained eye and our team of Magento SEO experts at Paramount Digital have years of experience of working on the E-commerce platform.

Your designated Magento SEO consultant will begin by ensuring your site speed isn’t hindering your user experience or reputation with search engines. Our team of Magento SEO experts will then venture into the hierarchy of your site, guaranteeing the URL structure for each page and product is optimized to the highest of standards.

At Paramount Digital, our Magento SEO experts will determine the most productive URLs and eliminate the possibility of your content being seen as duplicate by search engines. Our Magento SEO services include the creation of an XML sitemap for your website which can be recognised by a range of search engines.

Our Magento SEO experts will add a Google Analytics code to your website so that the website traffic and conversions can be tracked intently.

Why Paramount?

At Paramount Digital we have had incredible success with a variety of businesses who have effectively used Magento SEO Services over the years. Without the correct direction, it’s easy to miss some of the important features available on the most popular E-Commerce platforms in the world.

We are aware the decision of selecting a Magento SEO team is a difficult one, so here at Paramount Digital, we invite you to a free consultation to discuss your website and how we feel we could take your business forward.

Paramount Digital provide an SEO strategy that will give your customers the best experience possible. Following a free consultation with your E-Commerce expert our multidisciplinary team, qualified in varying fields, will work together to ensure your E-Commerce website is the best it can be.

At the end of each month, you will receive an easy to understand E-Commerce SEO report to display the areas we have been working on and the progress we have made. The report will show you the different tools we have used to improve your site and the resulting: rankings, traffic, and earnings.

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