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The concept of online search has long been shrouded in mystery with marketing agencies acting as guards to their optimisation techniques, but here at Paramount Digital, our team will act as your company’s sherpa to guide you through the SEO landscape, with clear, honest and accountable communication. 

What is SEO?

The plain and simple is that search engine optimisation is a set of organic, non-paid processes that helps your business climb to the top of the search results, that your potential customers are viewing.

Why you need SEO?

When you have a problem what do you use to search for a solution? The answer, a search engine, and probably Google. And when searching for your solution do you ever go past the first page of results? No, we didn’t think so. And that’s exactly the same for your customers.

Our Approach to SEO

At Paramount Digital we begin every client’s SEO strategy by crafting a unique buyer persona of your ideal customer, helping us and you to identify exactly how your customers use the web and interact with your business online. Then over the first month, our expert team of digital marketing engineers we will conduct keyword research and implement any restructuring to your pages meta tags. From month two onwards we’ll work to continue to optimise your on-site SEO, while developing high-quality inbound links from industry relevant and authoritative domains. We do this through a mix of guest blogging, outreach and building you our plan will be to build and develop high-quality backlink into your website, helping to increase the domain authority of your website and increase your ranking and traffic.

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