Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead and is still a great, cost-effective avenue when attempting to get your webpages higher among Google’s rankings. Although SEO may not provide instant lead generation like PPC and other digital marketing techniques, in the long run, SEO will give you the most benefit. If you practice SEO and carry it out well then regardless of your budget it will be incredibly difficult to overtake you in search engine rankings.

However, as Google continually changes its algorithm’s, the way we approach SEO needs to change with it. If you keep up to date with these changes, and better than your competitors do, the likelihood is you will see the benefits in the results.

Mobile phones

the biggest change in recent years for SEO is Google’s decision that mobile phones are now the primary device over desktops. meaning that the interaction your customers have with your e-commerce website through your mobile phone- will be attributed more weight than your customers using a desktop.

Furthermore, Google recently made mobile page speed a significant ranking factor making it more important than ever to ensure that your website load speed is as fast as it needs to be. Statistics show that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, the user is likely to leave your website never to return.

If you haven’t already done so- investigate your mobile page speed as the usability of your mobile phone visitors is now your most important priority.

Voice Search

one of the most prominent changes in the SEO world hasn’t yet come to ahead. ComScore predicts that in just two years’ time over half of the search will be voice searches. it is increasingly becoming apparent that due to devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home that featured snippets are going to be a big part of the SEO world.


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