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By now you have probably heard of the global turmoil brought about by the world-wide pandemic of the virus COVID-19. But did you know that there are sustainable measures you can put into place to make sure your brand not only survives but thrives as well! The Paramount Digital team have highlighted some of the top digital marketing tips that can be used to combat any concerns associated with the COVID-19 virus’ impact on your business.

Use Email Marketing And Social Media To Build A Good Rapport With Your Audiences

People have more time on their hands because of social distancing, self-isolation and working remotely, so you should be taking the time to answer any questions or queries people may have. Sending highly personalised messages, through email and social media, to existing customers is vital in building a relationship that will last long after the outbreak and remind existing clients that they are a priority. Remember to offer reassurance and promote positivity when it comes to your business and helping your customers.

Email Marketing - COVID 19

Consider Marketing Automation To Reduce Workload

– Work smart, not hard. Use potential marketing automation systems – like Paramount’s Marketing Automated System (MAS) to reduce workload where applicable. Our MAS system links website enquiries to automated email responses and populates CRM systems with attribution and lead data. It’s a no brainer in reducing workload as constraints regarding working in the office come into play.

Switch Up Call To Action To Remain Up To Date

Small changes to CTA’s can ensure you capitalise and convert the traffic you’re generating rather than putting potential buyers off by being unsure how you are operating. It’s worth evaluating your CTA’s and making subtle changes to reflect current affairs. For example, instead of offering a consultation, perhaps offer a “Free Video Consultation” and arrange a skype, facetime or other video messenger call. Instead of “Contact Us” you could say “Chat Now Via WhatsApp”. Delivery options could also be laxed to help those looking to order online and could be used as a major selling point – even if the cost of the product goes up to ensure you are not out of pocket!

Post On Social Media Channels To Remain Relevant

Continue to post organically on social media to keep your audience up to date with the latest changes to your business and ensure that every post has a link to your website. Consider the needs of your audience and strategically post at an optimum time throughout the week. Finish posts with questions to push engagement and use captions that are thoughtful and provoke discussion. Don’t forget to make use of relevant hashtags and use stories to get creative and showcase your brand!

Social Media Marketing - COVID 19

Create A Bank Of Content

Build a bank of content in your spare time that you can tap into. Consider making videos as they offer a more authentic and personal approach to connecting with your audience. In fact, 54% of customers have reported that they want to see more video content from a brand or business they support! If you aren’t producing video content, you are missing out on a wealth of potential buyers and loyal followers. This content can be promoted on Social channels to build trust that you are operating during current events and can drive interest in your products and service that can be capitalised on during less uncertain times.

Set Up Extensive Remarketing Lists For Future Use

– It’s important to have your remarketing lists set up to track users who are searching for your products or services. This allows you to target them at a later date. Setting up audiences for visitors during the last 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days should be set up for all key pages to ensure this data can be utilised at any given time.

Think Long-Term And Plan Ahead

We have to accept that COVID19 is going to be around for a few months, so small investments may have a larger ROI in the future. The improvements you make now will benefit you and place you in a strong position once business returns to normal.

Marketing Strategy - COVID 19

Continue To Optimise Your Website Through SEO

Regularly updating and optimising your website ensures that it stays fresh and relevant to Google’s algorithms, and will put you in a much stronger position when things return to normal. Stopping or putting SEO on hold as a reaction to COVID19 actually puts your business at further risk by potentially losing some of your current rankings and putting yourself in a worse position when things recover.

It’s important during this time that you…

  • Regularly publish engaging content
  • Research relevant keywords that offer both volume and intent
  • Create link assets for long-term, organic link profile growth
  • Collaborate with relevant sites to earn coverage and backlinks
  • Manage your reputation by presenting your best assets in Google

Other elements to consider optimising include – headings, titles, URL’s, site architecture, meta descriptions, internal linking, equity sculpting, schema implementation and page or post optimisation.

SEO Services - COVID 19

Invest In Paid Advertising

This may sound a little counterproductive given the current economic uncertainty, but with less competition due to others in your industry pulling all of their investments, you can set a minimal budget and achieve incredible results! There is also the potential for certain search terms to begin to peak. With this in mind, you can take advantage of researching fresh keywords to identify new niches which you can target.

Remember there’s still a wealth of people searching for products and services online, so driving relevant traffic to your website via search, shopping or display ads can really help. Don’t forget, there are multiple channels of paid advertising you can use which include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more! Using just one of these channels can ensure the right people find your website even during the toughest times.

Alternatively, if costs do become a challenge, there are a variety of platforms that can generate traffic for cheaper. This traffic may not achieve the same volume or quality of a Google Text Ad, but it’s still vital to ensure your brand remains visible to your target audience. Options like Bing, Yahoo or Google Display Ads are a great affordable alternative to keep costs manageable. We do not actively recommend replacing Google Ads with these channels but it may be a source that can bridge a drop in traffic without having to drastically increase the cost.

Increase Conversion Rate With A New Look

A new website not only immediately boosts your brand, but it’s an investment for years to come! A website or redesign guarantees to meet both of these goals with a fresh look, faster-loading speeds, better and most importantly a higher conversion rate! If traffic drops in your sector in response to COVID19 so it’s important that you can convert the traffic you have with ease.

If capital allows, now could be the right time for a fresh look! Take control of the conversions and sales that your business deserves and grow from strength to strength by adapting to the current situation and assure your clients that you’re aiming to support new and returning customers alike.

PPC Services - COVID 19

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The most important thing to take away is that we need to stay calm and safe. Many businesses, families and individuals are going to suffer as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic – It’s important that we stand together and support one another. If you need assistance with any of the aforementioned services, our specialists are happy to help with a free consultation and assessment! We can design a bespoke marketing strategy with actionable steps to help you achieve your goals.

Now more than ever your online presence is essential, which is why we’ve taken preventative measures to ensure the entire Paramount Digital Team is equipped to work at optimal capacity!

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