10 things to ask before outsourcing content marketing services

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Bringing in outsourced content marketing services is a big choice, and not one to be taken lightly.

If you get it right you can expect a future of harmony and success as your brand awareness increases and you see your sales pipeline fill up at a healthy rate.

In this relationship, your chosen content marketing agency just “gets you” and you all get along.

But choosing the wrong content marketing services can be devastating.

Your brand gets ruined by poor performing campaigns.

And your website doesn’t bring in the customers to benefit from your amazing new product or service.

When looking for content marketing services, you need to find a content agency that is right for you.

This is a partnership.

Not just in terms of the results you’ll see.

But how you’ll work together.

Are you compatible with each other’s culture and working styles?

Whatever you do, don’t rush the process of bringing in content marketing services.

Do your research, look for proof of results and (if you can) get references.

And to help you even more, here’s 10 questions you should ask every digital marketing agency you consider.


  1. Are they transparent with their services and pricing?

Before you start out with content marketing services, you need to understand what you’re going to get, and how much it’s going to cost you.

Does your content creation agency list their service on their website?

Do they tell you how much it will cost.

Be wary of those content marketing agencies that make you phone them before giving you a hint how big a hit you’ll have to take to hire them.

Here at Paramount Digital, we are completely transparent with all our clients.

We provide every new customer with a detailed, itemised list of the services we feel will most benefit their business.

It is important to understand that the services we provide will need to evolve with your business.

This means that, over time, some services may change – but only once they have been discussed, and agreed, with you.


  1. How will they work with you?

Let’s be honest.

You might know the basics of SEO and content marketing.

But you’ve got a job to do (running a business) and the reason you’re considering bringing in outside content marketing services is because you want to benefit from some expertise.

So what you don’t want is an agency full of “yes” people who just take your brief and do everything you’ve asked them to.

On the other hand, you’re investing money with this content marketing agency.

You don’t them to just take your money and then only hear about what they’re doing at the end of the quarter when they report on results, (or lack of).

You should look for a content creation agency that will partner with you and support you with your marketing.

They won’t just say yes because you’ve said so, they’ll challenge you and guide you.

But they’ll make sure you’re in the loop with everything they’re doing and make sure you’re in control of what is going on.

At Paramount, we offer our clients extensive knowledge and valuable support.

We work closely with you, aiming to exceed your goals and ensuring we are both results-driven and transparent.


  1. Can they provide relevant case studies?

Apart from how much bringing in content marketing services will cost you, knowing your chosen agency can get results is probably the most important thing you’ll need to know.

Make sure you ask to see case studies and customer testimonials from your prospective agencies to get an idea what results you can expect.

What did they do? What were the challenges? What were the results? What was the budget like?

All these things can help you get an idea of the ROI you can expect to get.

The case studies of your prospective content creation agency can also give you a good idea what industries they’ve worked in.

Do they have a broad range of clients across all kinds of industries?

Or do they specialise more in one area?

This could influence your decision over which digital marketing agency to go with.

Our team at Paramount Digital have worked with a vast array of industries and can provide your company with previous examples and relevant case studies to help you understand how we can assist your business.


  1. Do they have a process to optimise your existing content?

So many content creation agencies spend their first few weeks or months laying out what content they’re going to create from scratch that will drive you a tonne of traffic and start you on your journey to lead nurturing.

Then, after all that, they discover you already have a tonne of content on the exact same topics.

Fair enough, your content might not be optimised, targeting the right keywords or read particularly well.

But it’s there, and it’s quicker and easier to start by optimising that content than trying to create all new content.

If your prospective digital marketing agency doesn’t come to you with a plan for optimising your existing content, and can’t provide an answer when asked, then you should be a bit worried.

Here at Paramount Digital, we believe high-quality content is vital, which is why we offer a variety of SEO services and content marketing services in order to fully optimise your content.


  1. Do they have an updated blog?

How can your content creation agency get you results delivering a consistent stream of content, if they’re not doing it for themselves.

Before bringing in content marketing services, take some time to look at your potential agency’s website.

What kind of content do they create?

How regularly do they publish content?

Which social media platforms do they use?

And how much engagement they get?

If their own content marketing is rubbish, can you expect them to do any better for you?

Our blog is regularly updated by our expert content writers, who provide regular and up-to-date content on a monthly basis.


  1. Have they explained their link building process?

Getting relevant, high domain authority backlinks is one of the biggest factors in SEO success – so if your potential digital marketing agency doesn’t have a plan to get them, ask questions.

Also, be wary around the kinds of links they’re promising to get you.

As beneficial as high-domain authority, relevant backlinks can be to your SEO, spammy links and those earned through “link farms” will quickly get you penalised by Google and negatively impact your SEO.

The you’ll have to pay someone to put it all right.

You should ensure that you question the kind of links an SEO agency will utilise for your website and how they intend to use them to boost your domain authority and website ranking.

Our team at Paramount Digital always use quality backlinks on all of our clients’ websites. Making sure they are relevant enables us to help you achieve your marketing goals.


  1. Did they ask you to meet with the digital marketing team?

Have you experienced this before?

You go through a pitch process with your prospective agency, you’ve met the CEO, the client services director, the account director and any other senior staff member, but then when it comes time to do the day-to-day work, you find yourself working with a junior team, and all the senior people have disappeared.

Make sure you are being introduced to your account team before you start any contracts. These are the people you’ll have the most contact with so it’s important you’re comfortable with them .

Our specialist teams at Paramount Digital are given specific clients to work for.

This means that you are always speaking directly, or meeting with, the people who are working on your project – providing you with consistency and reliability.


  1. Will they provide regular catch up meetings?

It is vital to keep in regular contact with the people in charge of your website and other online platforms, in order to understand what may or may not be working with your digital marketing and SEO content strategy.

Here at Paramount Digital, we take a flexible approach to meeting our clients. We understand that running the business takes priority, so we work around your schedule.


  1. Will they provide regular reports?

One of the most important services a digital marketing agency can provide is regular reports.  These provide an overall analysis of all the components of work completed for clients and the results of this work.

We provide our clients with monthly reports which allow them to understand the progress we are making. It also helps to establish what is working and what else may need to be implemented in order to further the success of your business.


  1. Have they established how much time you need to spend working with them?

Time is one of the key components to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.

You need to decide the extent of autonomy you wish to give to an SEO agency, and whether or not you are comfortable with them taking control. This is completely up to you but if you decide you want to sign everything off before it is sent out, then you must set aside the time to do this.

Our team will work around you, adhering to your preferred choices and completing all work to the highest standards.

So, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency that can provide you with a comprehensive, personalised, creative marketing service – with no contract obligation – then Paramount Digital is the agency for you!

If you want to know how we can help your business succeed, request your free digital marketing audit today or for further information on what we do contact us on 01744 881876.

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