How to Increase Trust and Conversions on Your Website

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Why Does it Matter?

The website conversion rate and trust of your website is an important factor when you are building recognition. Over time, your website will gain domain authority and part of the hustle to gain it is down to the reliability of your website and how well it does in converting users.

Studies have proven that on average, a business has about 6 seconds to create a positive impression once a user is on their website. With this not being a massive amount of time to keep your user interested, you need to ensure that your website is in the best and most appropriate level of expertise you can make it.


Have a Professional Design to Increase Website Usability

You must remember that the look and feel of your website is the first point of contact for your user in terms of seeing your business’ website. Your website needs to be sleek, professional and have decent website usability for your visitor.

The sad fact is that many users will be happy to halt navigating your website if it does not suit them, for example, if its operating is slow and the interface seems like it hasn’t been worked on professionally. It is always possible that your business does the same work as someone else’s, and so it is paramount that you ensure the look of your website is up to scratch and will keep visitors navigating your website to see what you have to offer.


Show Testimonials/Case Studies to Improve Trust and Website Conversion Rate

A concrete way of building trust for your domain is specifying your success stories with other people. Testimonials and case studies show users of the sort of service you provide and the types of people you have worked with in the past. Experts in the field that you work, peers you have associated your business with, personal friends who understand the hard work you put into the business; these are the types of people who can help you in building up recommendations for customers to see and be keener to use your website for their particular needs.

This kind of strategy can be done through forms such as comment sections. Comment sections allow people to leave their real information; their name, their profile picture (if applicable). This creates a sense of authenticity and allows users to be more trusting in using your website, helping in building your websites domain authority. If you are leaning towards using case studies, then a page dedicated to case studies is straight forward and effective enough. Your users will get to see how your business has been successful in the past with others in the same shoes as them, giving them a positive outlook on how you can help them.


Show Business Information to Increase Domain Authority

Your business information is the anchor of how professional your business is. By featuring your company’s physical address, contact information, and even employee list, you are showing that your online presence has nothing to hide, therefore not appearing untrustworthy or risky. Incorporating honest information into how your business has got to the point it is at currently is always effective. This tends to be done through an ‘About Us’ page that allows users to get an honest look into how your business has grown so far.

A lack of information on your business can be a dead end for you in terms of online presence and domain authority. It is complete human nature that people will not trade with anything/anyone that has a lack of information presentable, especially on the web. If you want to ensure that your users stay on your website and continuously use it, you must lay your cards out on the table so to speak and show that your business is an open book and you are happy to help if their business is suitable for their needs.


Build on External Links to Increase Domain Authority

External link building is perfect for showing the professionalism of your website. Much like testimonials and case studies, external links provide information of association, but this time with other websites. Other business’ you have worked with, organisations you have been awarded by or received commendation from, people who have blogged about you directly. Building of external links shows your users that your organisation is professional and can be trusted in that business’ and individuals have taken it upon themselves to involve their work with you in some way that links your websites to each other.

However, you must be careful in who your external links connect you to. There is always the chance that you can be duped into linking up in some way with websites with intent to scam. This circumstance can destroy confidence in your domain and can dismiss potential improvements of your website conversion rate from there on out. Your outbound links should always be made sure to connect to other trusted, well established websites.



The capabilities to continuously build trust and convert users is a necessity for your business’ website to flourish. Through displaying firm, concrete associations with customers (past and present) and other businesses, whilst also making sure you have professional, industry-standard website usability that will ensure your visitors stick around for more than 6 seconds, your website can gain domain authority and garner a strong following on the web.

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