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Here at Paramount Digital our award-winning conversion rate optimisation (CRO) team are at hand to work with you and your web developers to increase the conversion power of your website and generate more revenue for your business.

What is CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO has been a big talking point of the digital marketing world over the last couple years. But the plain and simple is it’s a strategy of analysing a website and its pages, testing various changes to increase the conversion rate and deliver new business. The principals of CRO can be applied to any business sector from fashion e-commerce to stainless steel manufacturing.

Why you need CRO?

Does your website rank well in search engines and see a regular stream of visitors? But those visitors aren’t converting into paying customers? Well, then Conversion Rate Optimisation is perfect for your business, aiming to pinpoint the reason why your visitors aren’t converting and then test possible changes on your site, such as the colour of your text, the placement of contact forms or the copy of a page. By conducting a host of tests from A/B to multivariate tests and using analytic tools such as click and heat maps we can identify what changes have the most effect, increasing conversion rate and generating you more business.

Our Approach to CRO

For the team here at Paramount Digital CRO is not just about how users convert but why they convert, that’s why the first thing we do is to conduct a full CRO analysis of your website, identifying which areas work well and which simply don’t. This helps us identify the how and why. So that by understanding your customer’s behaviour we can then scientifically optimise your customers experience to maximise your ROI.

Focusing our efforts on the aspects and pages that mean the most to you we’ll begin testing various changes, analysing their results and either implementing those changes going forward or testing further changes. By conducting CRO tests we can learn more about your customer’s behaviour and continue to make, test and analyse changes to increase your conversion rate. Not only does CRO help you have a better performing website, but it also provides you more information on the behaviour of your clients or customers that you can feed into the rest of your business.

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