Best content marketing ideas for lead generation

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So we all know that content marketing for lead generation is “essential”, “critical”, “vital” and all that.

And it’s true.

Today it seems like everyone is doing some form of content marketing.

If you’re looking to do content marketing for B2B lead generation in 2021, here’s a few ideas to help get you ahead.


Live events

Call them live events, call them webinars, call them whatever, they are much more common than they were a year ago.

The key to a good live event, is to give your audience useful information and some takeaways that they can start using straight away for their business.

The reason so many webinars have been rubbish since they became more of a thing, is because they were used as an hour long sales pitch, which no-one has time for.

Don’t just use them as a means of talking to your mates. Ideally find some guests that can add extra value to your viewers or who can answer questions that you might not be able to.


Interactive content

Price calculators, interactive maps, comparison guides are all great lead generators because, again, users are able to get something out of them.

They can also be a great way to qualify where your leads are at in the buying journey.

For instance if someone uses a price calculator or a price guide, you can be pretty sure they’re close to making a buying decision.

This means you can target them with lead nurturing emails relating to costs to answer their questions and draw them in.

If you really want to stand out, put your prices directly up against your competitor.

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t like to talk about price, like a customer isn’t going to ask at some point.


Market research reports

Research reports are one of the most effective pieces of content for lead generation and SEO that a business can do – so it’s surprising more businesses don’t use them.

You’ve probably seen many newspaper headlines along the lines of:

“75% of consumers think this…”

“A study of X industry leaders uncovered concerns about…”

These are headlines from research reports and polls commissioned by businesses to generate interest.

They’re great for lead generation because no-one else has these results, they’re yours so anyone who wants to find out more about the results has to download the report from your website.

Plus, they’re great for SEO. First, they make for good headlines for articles that you can get published in the press with a link back to your website. And other blogs will reference your research if it’s relevant, usually with links back to your site.

Considering that link building is the biggest off-page SEO tactic you can use, why wouldn’t you do a research report?



Whitepapers are similar to research reports, except you need to draw on more sources of information and opinions to get a clearer overall view of an industry or trend.

Like a lot of marketing, whitepapers have lost a lot of credibility in the last few years because many marketers have tried to wrap sales pitches up as whitepapers.

Make your whitepapers informational or educational, they’re not sales brochures. If you want to sell something, create a sales brochure or a price guide.

For a whitepaper, pick an issue in your industry, either something that’s trending, causing a problem, or is controversial and deep dive into the causes, results, reactions and meanings of it.

Then provide details of how you can solve the problem or what your’s or your business’s take on the issue is and what should happen.

Whitepapers (or research reports) can help generate other content like blogs or videos, or can be a good basis for a webinar, podcast or online event if you can get industry leaders on to discuss the issues and findings raised.


Using content marketing for lead generation

There is a lot of content on the internet today. And, most of it, is a lot of the same stuff repeated elsewhere.

Using these ideas here to make yourself stand out from the crowd and start generating leads and interest in your business.

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