Benefits of outsourcing to a copywriting agency

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Thinking of hiring a copywriting agency?

What if we told you that keeping your SEO content creation in-house was the best idea for your business?

Would you be surprised?

A bit shocked?

The fact is, it can be the best thing for some companies.

You’re the experts in your industry.

You know the technical ins and outs of what you do.

And you’re only dealing with the content for your own company, unlike a copywriting agency which has a lot of other clients to create content for.

So yes. Maybe you’d be better off keeping your SEO content creation within your team.

But it’s not really that simple.

Unless you’re a massive business with a huge team of talented writers, videographers and designers, you’re going to struggle to keep your content coming at the kind of rate or quality you need.

So, should you outsource the SEO content creation process to a copywriting agency?

Maybe you’ve heard bad things.

Hiring a copywriting agency is expensive isn’t it?

Their writers aren’t experts in your industry.

Maybe they won’t understand what you do, or explain it properly.

These are all risks.

But, there are a lot benefits to outsourcing content to a content creation agency.

Let’s talk about why outsourcing your SEO content could be the best business decision you’ve ever made…


Copywriting experts

Here’s the thing.

A copywriting agency doesn’t have to be an expert in your industry..

But copywriting agencies are experts at creating content that your audience will find useful and, in turn, find your company useful.

The fact a content creation agency comes from outside your organisation actually gives them an advantage.

They’ll ask questions that you wouldn’t think of.

They come at the content creation process from the point of view of your customers – which is the path to take.

They create content all the time so they have experience knowing what type of content works for different audiences, and what you need to create to get your customers into a sales funnel and moving through it.


Chances are your SEO content marketing agency has worked with clients in your industry before, or a similar one.

If not.

There are tonnes of industry journals, trade magazines, and your own team of experts who can quickly get them up to scratch.

Be sure to spend time scouring the web for the best content marketing fit for you.

Perhaps they have experience in writing for companies in a similar field to yourselves, or have a glowing set of testimonies that highlight their ability to create engaging and refreshing content with ease?

One of the key skills of being a content marketing team is versatility, the ability to write about anything and everything!

This is a skill we have in abundance at Paramount Digital.

Our SEO copywriting agency has written content for a plethora of companies to an exceptionally high standard, as reported back to us from the client’s themselves!

Although unlikely to be the experts in your chosen field, a positive relationship with an SEO content marketing agency can make a high level of engaging, factually correct content easily achievable.


Do you have time to create content?

Creating SEO content takes a long time.

Not just the content creation.

You’ve got the keyword research, mapping content to buyer personas and buyer journeys, and editing time once the content is done.

Do you really have time within your team for them to do that?

Unless you have a dedicated in-house content team, probably not.

They have their own jobs, with their own targets to hit.

If you keep asking them to create content you’re pulling them away from the jobs you’re paying them to do.

Think about it.

If you’re an Ecommerce company with hundreds (if not thousands!) of product pages on your website, can you really fill these pages with content when your valuable time is needed in other areas?

That’s why outsourcing to a content agency could maximise the effectiveness of every last page on your website.

Every little helps and teamwork helps your website be the best it can be, whilst maintaining an effective business strategy.


See a healthy ROI

Spending a little extra in outsourcing your content to a marketing SEO agency will likely see it reach traffic that it may not be able to in-house.

Hey, we’re not saying that you won’t be able to write engaging and informative content, after all, you are the experts at what you do!

However, a copywriting agency with content marketing experts can help your content become effective for SEO.


By using keyword targeting and internal links to help push the terms you value the most to a higher ranking on Google search, you can attract more eyes to your products than ever before.

This is likely to result in more goal completions, and higher revenue, a smart investment if you ask us!


Secure your future

Everyone is looking to plan for the future so they are better prepared, right?

For some aspects of business we understand that isn’t possible, but for content, plans are made all the time, whether this be over a monthly, weekly or even yearly basis!

A content plan shows you exactly what you’re paying for if you decide to outsource and leave it in the hands of the experts.

It allows you to go in as much depth as you require about the content that is produced for your website, so you can be at ease that your SEO content strategy is effective and one you can trust.


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So, are you willing to pass on content writing duties to a team of copywriting experts that will enhance your website from an SEO perspective?

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