31 places to find ideas for your SEO content

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Creating SEO content is a tough job.

You have to create enough quantity of new content to meet the needs of Google and keep your site fresh, while ensuring you’re creating quality SEO content that helps your readers and gives them information.

If you’re just creating content for the sake of it, you’re not offering anything to anyone, and wasting a lot of your own time as well.

Coming up with enough ideas can be tough.

Even experienced writers and content creators have suffered through sitting in front of a blank page waiting for inspiration to hit – only for nothing to happen.

But coming up with ideas can be a lot easier if you know where to look, and there are lots of places to look for great SEO content ideas.

Some are obvious, some less so, some are places you might never have thought to look.

So here are the top places to look for your next SEO content ideas.


Keyword research

Understanding the keywords and phrases you want to rank for is important and can help to structure ideas. For pure SEO value, keywords will fuel a lot of content ideas, both for those high volume short-tail keywords and longer tail words and phrases.



Your customers

Your customers are the one most valuable source of content that you’re probably not tapping into. You talk to your customers during the week, they use your products and services and they have other challenges they’re looking to solve. This is all a source of ideas for content you can create to answer their questions.


Your sales team

Your sales team spend all day talking prospects, answering questions, looking at the challenges leads have. All of this provides vital information that you can use to come up with content ideas.


Industry forums

People use forums to ask any question they can think of to try and solve a problem. Forums are great places for discussions and finding answers. They’re also great for finding consistent types of questions or problems people have that you can create content around.


Social media groups

Joining groups on LinkedIn or Facebook is good practice for businesses to get involved in conversations. And the topics and questions bring up in these groups are all things you can create some content on.


Trade magazines

Whatever industry you’re in you will probably have a trade magazine or website. These publications cover the latest news, trends, stats and thought leadership in your industry. If it’s being talked about in a trade magazine, it’s something you should be creating content on.


Newspapers and websites

It’s not just trade publications that provide you with valuable content ideas. Have a read of news websites (local, national and international) for some inspiration.


Comments sections

Have you ever read the comments under a social media post or under a news article. Often it’s got follow up questions, extra points to be made or general comments and ideas. All this is good for new content.


Social media

What are people Tweeting about? What’s the latest thing getting traction on LinkedIn? This could all be valuable insight you can use to create some SEO content. Social media can also be a good testing ground for new ideas to see if they get any interest from your audience before investing time creating longer content.


Industry events and interviews

The topics being discussed at events and during interviews are usually pretty relevant, hence why they’re being talked about. Create your own content around the same topics and get your voice out there. Also, keep an ear open for questions being asked at these events as they can also be useful topics for new content.


Original research

Doing original research is a great way to generate new topic ideas. A research report can keep your content fuelled for months and provide a base for creating similar, trend based research on a regular basis.


Your competitors

Don’t steal their ideas (that’s plagiarism, and it isn’t good) but have a look what things your competitors are talking about the what topics they’re covering. If you have a different take on the same subject, there’s some SEO content for you.


Your product team

Who better to give you content ideas about your products and services than the people creating them? They know the ins and outs of the product, the benefits they have, the best ways to use them and the challenges they solve. That’s all SEO content gold for your website.


Your existing content

Very few people, when they’re looking for new content ideas, think about looking at their own website or their existing content. You might have created a great piece of content a few years ago that did well, that needs a bit of freshening up and some new stats or information added. You can get a new article for much less work re-optimising your older SEO content.


Industry announcements

New product announcements, new rules and regulations, changes to the business landscape. All things your audience is interested in, and all sources of good content.


Webinars and online events

We’re all probably suffering from webinar burn out right now. But if you’ve been on a webinar, or hosted one, these provide some really insightful ideas for content. It could be things the speakers talk about, or questions the audience bring up.


Keyword planner tools

We’ve already mentioned keywords provide a great source of content, but using keyword planner tools can help you identify similar pieces of content based on variations of your keywords.


Google trends

Google trends is a great way of analysing how popular a particular search or phrase is at a given time. If you can catch a trend at the bottom of an upswing, that’s valuable content you’re going to create.



If you’re an Ecommerce business, Amazon can provide you a huge source of content information and useful keywords. Just type your product into the search bar and check out the recommendations you get.


Answer the public

Answer the public can be a useful tool for getting some general ideas together that you can develop. Honestly, it can be hit and miss but you’ll have enough to get a decent start on your SEO content creation.



If you’re really stuck, just type your industry, service or questions into Google and see what comes up. Doing this can also give you a steer on the type of content to create. This could be a long form pillar page to target organic search, content for featured snippets, or optimising your content and site for local search maps.


Journalist enquiry searches

If you’ve got access to paid for media enquiry services like Gorkana, you can use these to figure out what topics journalists are interested in writing about, and use this to create content on similar up-to-date topics. There are also free services like Help A Reporter Out if you don’t have access to a paid for service.


News alerts

Set up Google alerts or alerts on news websites so you get notified when anything changes in your industry that could be worth commenting on. If you’re quick and get their first you could get some really good results from this.


Industry research

We’ve talked about doing your own original research, but if you don’t have the budget for that, keep an eye out on industry bodies like the chamber of commerce releasing their own research that you can comment on.


Industry bodies

Speaking of industry bodies, keep an eye out for announcements or statements that you can react to. These statements will be relevant to your customers, who might be interested to understand your take on what is happening.


Content topic generators

Again, we wouldn’t recommend using these in isolation as the results can be a bit sketchy and you’ll end up creating the same content as everyone else. But content topic generators, like this one from HubSpot, can be a good place to start if you’re really stuck for ideas.


Networking events

Like conferences, networking events are full of people talking about their latest challenges, business trends and issues. They can be really useful for getting new insights and coming up with SEO content ideas.


Magazines and websites

You might not get a fully formed idea, but reading a headline or seeing a particular angle on a story might just spark something you hadn’t thought of for yourself. These types of consumer magazines are particularly useful for content ideas and topics with a much broader appeal.


Old business theories

Heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Does it still stack up today? Have a look at what people used to say and the theories they used to have to see if you can come up with a modern spin on them.



Reddit has its own keyword research tool, plus a tonne of articles and comments that you can use for inspiration for your own SEO content. Again, don’t just steal ideas, but you can use them to keep up with your own angles or challenge the angle in the article you’ve read.




Podcasts have been growing in popularity for a long time now. Whether it’s a general interest podcast or an industry specific one, there’s always good conversations being had that you can use for SEO content.


There are just some of the places you can go to find some inspiration for content for your SEO and content marketing campaigns.


There’s probably more places but this should be enough to get you started.

If you want to get a marketing audit before venturing out into content marketing, get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation review of your current digital marketing performance.

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