What are Rich Cards?

What is structured data? And how can it improve your search ranking and click through rate?

Rich Cards, formally Rich Snippets have been around for some time now, as has Google’s knowledge graph, which was added to search engine result pages (SERPs) way back in 2012. And…

What does voice search mean for SEO?

Okay Google? What does Voice Search mean for SEO?

With the continuing rise of mobile device dominance and digital assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices, along with in car assistants, the once science fiction concept of…

20 SEO tips from Google

20 SEO Tips Guaranteed by Google to help your Business!

Over the year’s marketers and business owners have been kept in the dark about what exactly makes up Google’s ranking factors, with only rumours and myths flying around. And apart…

Bing V Google: Why your business should be looking to invest in Bing Search!
Digital Marketing SEO

Bing Vs Google: Why your business should be looking to invest in Bing Search!

So, I guess if you’re here, you’ve read the title, probably had a good laugh, Bing vs Google, there’s no contest, obviously, Google wins, right? Well in most cases, within…

Making a mobile friendly website
Mobile Marketing SEO

Making a mobile friendly website – SEO tips for a post “Mobilegeddon” world!

It was back in the Summer of 2015 that the number of mobile devices overtook desktop, and now over 80% of internet users access the web via mobile every day,…

SEO for local businesses - Paramount Digital

How does Google see my site? 6 secrets that you should know for your business!

Though in this day and age it’s essential that you focus your marketing efforts on providing a powerful user experience for your customers, it’s still key that you understand just…

what is local seo

What is local SEO? 12 Tactics your business needs to implement!

Though global search engine optimisation is, of course, essential, the importance of local SEO should never be under estimated. A recent study found that 50% of consumers who conduct a…

basics of SEO

“SEO is Easy” – Getting back to the basics of SEO and clearing up the confusion!

Do you see SEO as a daunting task? Do you find yourself getting lost in its technical aspects, its seemingly ever-expanding workload and what appears to be an always evolving...
The Complete Guide to a Successful Landing Page infographic
Conversion Rate Optimisation

[Infographic] The Complete Guide to a Successful Landing Page

When it comes to converting website visitors into leads and customers, it’s important to create powerful landing pages, with a clear call to action, engaging copy, and an information gathering form….

Digital Marketing Agency Liverpool
Digital Marketing

12 Steps to Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

A successful digital marketing campaign is one that has either educational, informative or entertaining, so much so you were blown off your feet, made to think or even made to…