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10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

A great digital marketing agency is a company that offers you a personalised service catered specifically to your business. A company that maintains a sense of trust and reliability by…

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On-page SEO vs Off-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the changes you make directly to a web page in order to achieve higher rankings among search engines whereas off-page SEO refers to the search engine...
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Technical SEO- 5 things you need to know

Technical SEO is what we recommend at Paramount Digital to tackle first when dealing with SEO on your E-Commerce or Brochure website. Although it is slightly technical and can be…

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10 questions to ask an SEO Agency

Succeeding in the online marketplace can be a difficult prospect, and selecting the right SEO agency could be the key ingredient your business needed. In order to stand out from...
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Magento vs WooCommerce

Magento and Woocommerce are two of the most popular E-Commerce platforms and are both often considered to be SEO friendly. Although, they both have their individual benefits and one may...
squarespace vs wordpress
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Squarespace vs WordPress

SEO for SquareSpace Squarespace is an excellent platform to use for your brochure website in terms of SEO, but don’t be fooled by their claims that your Squarespace website is...
seo vs ppc
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A question often posed within the digital marketing world is, which is better for my business: SEO or PPC? This isn’t a question that can be answered without context as...
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What is SEO and how it works

What is SEO? SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it describes the process of optimising your website to achieve organic traffic to your website. Organic…

Bing V Google: Why your business should be looking to invest in Bing Search!
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Bing Vs Google: Why your business should be looking to invest in Bing Search!

So, I guess if you’re here, you’ve read the title, probably had a good laugh, Bing vs Google, there’s no contest, obviously, Google wins, right? Well in most cases, within…

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12 Steps to Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

A successful digital marketing campaign is one that has either educational, informative or entertaining, so much so you were blown off your feet, made to think or even made to…